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Burnout: How To Recognize It And Prevent It

There are times in our lives where we face extreme stress. Sometimes it is a stressful work week, school week, or just a stressful time in general. However, burnout is no joke. It has extreme effects on your physical, mental, and overall well-being. Burnout results from prolonged periods of stress. It truly feels like everything …


“Money Advice” That You Do Not Want To Follow

While a great deal of financial advice is helpful, there are several money ‘myths’ that you need to be aware of. As finances are essential parts of our lives, it is important to know what advice to follow. If you are ready to know what “money advice” is best to ignore and the methods you should use instead, …


How To Create Your Own Signature Style

Having a signature look is a great way to stylistically distinguish yourself and be instantly recognizable to others. It is sort of like self-branding. When you have a signature style–you know what you like, what looks good on you, and what makes your fashion look unique. Not everyone needs or wants a signature style; that …


Financial Tips You Need To Know As A Millennial

Everyone makes financial mistakes from time to time, so there’s nothing to feel ashamed of if or when it happens to you. In fact, for millennials, so much of the financial climate has changed. We are in a situation where we need to approach money differently from older generations because of various factors like inflation, …

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How To Make Your Own Rose Water At Home

While many of us are unfamiliar with rose water, it is definitely something that deserves more of our attention. Believe it or not, rose water has a large range of benefits and purposes. Thus, there is no surprise as to why people are so excited to incorporate the product into their self-care regimen. Sometimes, the …