Facial masks are such a great addition to any skincare routine- or self-pampering moment. Each of them tends to target different skincare issues. For instance, some might add moisture, brighten the skin, and improve the texture and appearance of wrinkles. Whereas others might help reduce acne, purify the skin, and de-scar the face.

Everyone has different skincare needs at different points in their lives. So knowing which masks are best for your needs is a great idea. A lot of people are entirely unaware of how many different types of skin masks there are and what they are capable of. 

So today, we’re going to get into some different types of facial masks and what they can do for you if you add them into your skincare regime.

Peel Mask

Peel masks are super fun on a night in. They dry on your face like glue, and then you peel them off to free your pores from clogging dirt. Most peel masks are meant for purifying the skin. So after you’ve washed and exfoliated you face, these could be a fun way to remove some extra dirt from your pores.

“The activated charcoal black mask will remove blackheads, whiteheads, reduce acne, and keep your face smooth and tender. Modern skin often experiences acne, oily skin, strawberry nose, and… blackheads due to long-term use of the computer and television… The ingenious formula is packed with vitamins, nutrients, and extracts that will improve your skin health. Our… mask has unique strong absorption qualities and deep cleaning functions, which can remove stubborn stains and oil spots on face, resulting in smaller pores after single use.”

-Piero Lorenzo Blackhead Remover description

Clay Mask

Clay is excellent for adding much-needed nutrients into your skin. They help the skin get rid of harmful toxins that it acquires throughout the day. But there is one crucial pro-tip that you should be aware of if you start using one as part of your routine:

Don’t let it completely dry.

This is because clay masks go through three stages:

  1. The skin drinks the beneficial minerals from the clay mask.
  2. When it first starts to dry, it nicely stimulates blood circulation in your face.
  3. But if you let the mask completely dry, it begins to sap moisture from your skin and can make it super irritated.

The Dead Sea Mud Mask has the following description: “Works for all skin types, including dry, normal, oily, combination, sensitive, and irritated. This daily acne treatment has been designed to be highly effective yet gentle enough for everyday use and is a great gift for the holidays… Clarifying Mud Mask is based on an advanced formula composed of Dead Sea mineral mud that gently purifies and cleans clogged pores. Combined with an herbal complex of Aloe-Vera, Calendula Oil, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed and Jojoba Oil… [the mask] helps to effectively cleanse the skin and provide a soothing sensation. Rich in minerals, the pure mud aids skin renewal, creating a gentle exfoliation effect that removes excess oil, toxins, and dead skin cells for a softer feel and radiant glow.”

Charcoal Masks

Charcoal is having some serious time in the limelight as being a great teeth-whitening agent as well as a fantastic skin-purifier. It’s great for everyone that struggles with acne. And it magnetically pulls dirt and blackheads out of your pores, which means that your skin is going to look a lot clearer in no time after using a charcoal mask.

The Burt’s Bees Charcoal Face Mask promises its components with: “The 99.0% natural soap free formula uses powerful natural ingredients like honey to leave skin feeling clean, hydrated and looking healthy and completely refreshed. Perfect for those days when your skin needs a serious cleaning, the detoxifying effects of this charcoal sheet mask combined with honey and glycerin softens and locks in moisture while helping to pamper your skin.”

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are the best option for finishing up a skincare routine. You can apply a mud or other gooey type of mask onto your face. But after rinsing that off, a sheet mask is a great way to revitalize your skin in a super luxe and easy-to-dispose way. Sheet mask producers infuse their products with amazing nutrients for your skin. 

And once you’ve had it on for 10-20 minutes, you can rub the remaining liquids into your face for an excellent boost to your skin. Just make sure to apply them after you’ve at least already washed and toned your face- if you’re not doing them after another type of mask.

“Replenish your skin with our I’m Real Sheet Mask Collection! Available in an array of ingredients, the 3-layer pulp sheet is filled with natural ingredients and soaked in different types of enriched essence (Water-type, Micro-Emulsion Type, Milky Lotion Type) to yield maximum hydration for your skin. Transform dull and tired skin into healthy, moisturized skin in as little as 20 minutes!”

-TONYMOLY Real Sheet Mask description

Coffee Masks

Caffeine is incredible for waking up your skin. There’s a reason why people rely on coffee or soda every morning, and that same science is in these masks. If you have dull skin or undereye puffiness, coffee masks are your go-to. You can buy them. But what’s really remarkable about coffee masks is that they’re super easy to DIY at home. 

All you have to do is mix used coffee grounds with a substance that will make it easy to rub on your face. For example, you could stir your grounds in with honey or yogurt and then leave it on for 30 minutes for excellent results.

Each of these facial masks have a different result to drastically improve your skin. As we go about our daily wear-and-tear in modern life, it’s inevitable to need one of these. Thankfully, they’re all made from natural ingredients, so it’s sure to supply your skin with what it craves. Try any one of these today!

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