As the leaves on the trees start to change color in the Northern Hemisphere, we can switch up the shades we use in our beauty routine to match! Absolutely love this magical autumnal time of the year? Love keeping your nails painted? If so, you’re going to absolutely love this article on 6 fall nail tones that you’ll love.

Here, we list the tried and true colours that are perfect to sport every fall. Add some or all of these colours to your nail polish arsenal for an attractive way to switch things up as we move through this gorgeous season! We can’t wait to inspire you with these beautiful nail polish colours. 

Dark Red

Dark red is a fall classic. And there are so many different shades of red to choose from. 

You can you from a more wine or mahogany colour to more blood or cherry tones. It all depends on what colours you like and what you feel goes best with your skin tone.

With so many different dark reds out there on the market, you’re absolutely going to be able to find a shade that suits you!

Bright Red

Prefer to keep things bright at vibrant? A lighter red colour may be just what the doctor ordered—range from scarlet shades to more rose and blush colours. There are so many different bright red options that you can enjoy.

Pay attention to whether the reds have more pink or blue undertones to help determine which ones will best flatter your skin tone. If you’re not sure, you could take an online quiz on your seasonal colour scheme. Or pop into your local makeup store to ask a sales attendant for some help choosing a match.

Mustard Yellow

Not everyone is a fan of mustard yellow, but this colour looks exceptional on a lot of olive skin tones. While canary and lighter yellows are better for the spring and summer, a darker yellow is a stunning nail polish selection for fall.

Butterscotch or mustard yellow are beautiful shades to commemorate the season. Plus, they look extra cute when you match them up with a mustard yellow knit pullover!

If you want to take things up a notch, you can even make it metallic and reach for a gold colour instead for a bold look. We love the first three colours of the rainbow for fall because they match the leaves, but gold is absolutely an elevation of orange and yellow.

Burnt Orange

A lovely squash or burnt orange colour is another great idea for the season. Orange seems to be more of a controversial colour for people to wear because it’s very bold and not many people think it flatters them.

Nevertheless, it is stunning for the fall. And if you love orange, you’re probably someone that can make it work for you in a super attractive and elegant way! This shade of orange is a way to bring some spice to the season with some pumpkin-shaded nails.


If you love nude tones, brown is an elegant way to celebrate the season without going wild with bright nail polish. Like the above polish colours, there are so many different shades of brown that you can experiment to see which ones work best for you.

Whether light or dark, all shades of browns are 100% perfect for fall!


If you love an edgier look for fall, black nail polish is your way to go. It’s tough to go wrong with a simple black nail. So you can rely on this tone to support you all season!

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