Who here loves beauty? Who loves it, even more, when you get a steady flow of beauty products to enjoy on your self-care Sundays? If beauty products of all kinds give you a ton of excitement, you might want to consider getting a beauty box subscription! We’ve compiled a list to help you find your perfect beauty subscription box.

Suppose you’re interested in discovering the best beauty subscription box for all of your stunning, self-care desires. In that case, we’re listing all of our favorite beauty boxes. Get ready to learn the price points, benefits, and perks of these amazing subscriptions:


BeautyFIX offers luxe (and often exclusive) skincare products. In fact, they’re reputed to actually send out brand new products before they get released everywhere else. 

So if you end up getting a BeautyFIX subscription, get ready for all of your beauty-loving best friends to get super jealous! To get started with your BeautyFIX subscription, you only need to pay $25 a month.

It offers deluxe travel and full-size skincare products- many of which are actually worth $100+ in value!

This is definitely a great deal if you want to treat yourself to luxury products regularly without breaking the bank.


Billie is a women’s shaving subscription with a mission in mind. Their goal is to eliminate the pink tax.

(If you haven’t heard of the pink tax before, it’s how feminine care products cost more than male ones.) So we certainly all support this cause!

A Billie subscription is only $9 a month. And the first delivery gives you two razors and a magnetic razor holder. Then you can get subsequent shipments of razor blade refills as often as you’d like (around every 1-3 months).

You can also use your subscription as an opportunity to stock up on body wash, lotions, and shaving cream! 


If you’ve ever heard about beauty subscription boxes, chances are, you’ve heard about Birchbox. This OG beauty box subscription costs only $15 a month. It comes in a beautiful box that you’ll never want to throw away and offers you sample products based on your wishes.

You can get 4-6 sample size products of hair care, fragrance, luxury makeup products, and skincare! (And you get to specify which items you prefer.)

If you receive a sample of a product that you particularly love, it gets even better.

By going onto Birchbox’s website, you can then purchase the full-size product that you love at an exclusively discounted price!

Glossy Box

Glossy Box is a great subscription if you like a healthy mix of all different kinds of brands. In a Glossy Box, you’ll get 5 products that range from high-end items to new brands, to drugstore classics. 

It costs $21 a month. So if you’d like to try a vast array of the beauty products out there, Glossy Box will definitely make for a bold choice. 


Have you been struggling to find your signature scent? Are you worried to splurge on super expensive perfumes because you’re not sure if the smell will suit long term?

If either of these applies to you, a $15 per month subscription at Scentbird could be just what you need. Scentbird takes input from a quiz based on your preference and then narrows down options from 450+ designers to sent you some cute travel-size smells.

This way, you can test out amazing scents without the high cost. And, if you just love mixing up your perfumes on the regular, this is a great way to keep things interesting.

Or if you’re in it to find your signature scent, you can just halt the subscription and purchase your perfect scent full-size once you’ve figured it out!

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