Skincare is one of the most important factors in our daily lives. It’s not something you should skimp out, as putting in the work every day will have very rich rewards. Obviously, our preferred way to take care of ourselves is at a spa, where we can sit back and let others do the hard work for us. But for most of us, that’ll always be way too expensive to do every week. So, we’ll have to settle for at-home treatments. And don’t fret, as there’s no end to the brilliant options we have.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, it’s still nice to engage in some self-care and make yourself feel amazing. Let your skin live in luxury with these pro tips on keeping your skin pampered and hydrated from home. Keep scrolling to discover some awesome tips and tricks to consider for amazing skin:

Be Present With Your Skincare

So you can do some extra-special steps that you usually wouldn’t so that your skin receives the best pampering possible. After all, you deserve to feel luxurious.

Try doing a mini facial in the mornings and evenings. And really be present with it and enjoy taking care of yourself! You can go an extra step by using exfoliating gloves with your face wash, applying an enzyme-rich mask, and patting in your favorite serums.

This is important because a lot of dirt and oils get trapped in our faces. Our makeup routines alone, however light or heavy they may be, can be very destructive to our pores if left unchecked. So we recommend daily DYI facials to prevent this damage. And we also recommend changing your bedsheets and pillowcases frequently, as those accumulate dirt pretty easily. Besides, a great sleep is as important as anything else on this list.

Boost Your Lymphatic System

One issue our bodies have is toxins and other wastes in its blood vessels. This happens everywhere, including our faces. Luckily, a simple massage does just the trick, and we’ve found the right tools for it.

Boosting your lymphatic system is a beautiful way to drain toxins from your body and leave your skin glowing. A great way to do this is to incorporate a facial massage into your skincare routine. People usually do this with a roller of some kind, their favorite serum, and lots of upward strokes with the roller tool

Another great way to boost your lymphatic system is to start your day with some hot tea or non-creamy soup. The heat from these things can help get your blood circulating and therefore assist in draining toxins from your body. Plus, who doesn’t love a comforting, hydrating, and nourishing soup?

Try a Collagen Boosting Mask

Collagen is an excellent protein for making your skin plumper and more hydrated. The beauty community absolutely loves collagen masks because of their ability to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. So it’s a great way to turn back and slow signs of ageing. 

You could also try and take a collagen supplement if you’re interested in boosting your collagen from the inside. Just be aware that there is no vegan collagen. There are supplements on the market that boost collagen production in your body without actually containing collagen. But keep your eye out if you’re opposed to consuming non-vegan collagen.

“Beauty starts from the inside out. Amazing GLOW Protein is your plant-based answer to collagen. Support collagen synthesis with vitamin C from organic acerola cherry. 100% DV plant-based Biotin. Excellent source of B Complex & C Vitamins. Organic, plant-based protein with reviving superfoods. 15g of vegan protein. USDA Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, No Added Sugar. Support full body radiance with organic rose petal. Help maintain healthy hair, skin & nails with 100% DV plant-based Biotin & B complex vitamins.”

-Amazon description

Try Microcurrent Skin Treatments

You’ve probably seen a ton of celebrity Instagram posts where they promote these fancy microcurrent masks that kind of look like scary, white Halloween masks. But many people out there swear by these treatments for making their skin look stunning. It’s definitely worth trying out if you want to add some exciting features to your skincare routine.

“Project E Beauty 7 Colors LED Mask. The Photon Beauty Device, designed for facial beautification, uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LEDs into the skin. Each color of light shows beneficial effects on particular skin conditions. Inhibit the formation of melanin pigment. Improve skin elasticity. Reduce and prevent wrinkles, helps fight fatty areas. 7 Colors LED. Wireless. 50% Lighter than Previous Version. Non-invasive. 99 + 40 LEDs.”

-Amazon description

Eat More Produce and Drink Water

A big part of hydrating your skin isn’t skin care. It’s what you consume. So making sure that you’re consuming water-rich and high nutrient things can take your skin to new levels of hydration. A lot of young people underestimate the importance of water in daily life. You can’t just drink any liquid and expect to be hydrated (and especially not alcohol, as that by design dehydrates you). It has to be pure water, as that’s the only way to give your skin and muscles the fuel they need.

And you’re not that into plain water, you can always try infusing your water with some of your favorite fruits or herbs. You shouldn’t go for sparkling waters or seltzers, but real water mixed with other ingredients works perfectly well. Some delicious combination options of how you could infuse your water include the following:

  • Grapefruit and rosemary
  • Mint and lime
  • Watermelon and cucumber

Even if you’re completely fine with regular water, switching it up from time to time can be a deliciously hydrating experience.

Following these simple self-care methods will help keep your skin hydrated. All of these are far less pricey than a stand-in appointment at the spa, and they surely create equal to or greater results. With a little bit of patience and effort, your sure to become your best self in no time.

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