All-natural body scrubs have become a popular treatment for the face and body. It is a great method to both exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Using ingredients like sea salt, sugar, or coffee on the face and body helps to remove dead skin cells. Removing these dead skin reveals your skin’s new layer that is healthier, stronger, and looks younger.

Body scrubs can be used to exfoliate your hands, feet, face, or the full body. Use it in a bath or in the shower, however you do your daily grooming. Of course, we always recommend testing any new products on a small part of your skin first. Especially for those of you who have sensitive skin, like some of us at Liz Fe Lifestyle.

If you are in the market for a new body scrub, then we have compiled a few of our favorite options. Each of these scrubs utilizes natural and vegan ingredients, so you’re sure to find a rewarding and wholesome cleanse, free from any of the guilt or irritations that come from the generic brands.

Handcraft Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

Handcraft Himalayan Salt Body Scrub is an all natural, and deep cleansing exfoliator. This scrub includes Lychee Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, both of which help to remove dead skin. But why focus around Himalayan salt? That’s because “its maximum nutrient profile including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper & iron; no harmful chemicals.” Handcraft Himalayan has a few options to choose from with body scrubs. Select the 10 oz. or the 20 oz. depending on your preference and enjoy.

“Handcraft Blends’ vision is getting you the top-notch, socially conscious Bath & Body products and Essential Oils you need for a better life–without the hefty markup… We believe that you deserve maximum quality products with maximum affordability.”

Handcraft Coconut Milk All-Natural Body Scrubs

Perhaps you want a coconut base scrub? Coconut is a great ingredient for hydration and is suitable for almost all skin types. Between this scrub and coconut oil (which we’ve also discussed), coconut seems to be a miracle fruit that can improve all of our bodies. That is why Handcraft created the Coconut Milk Body Scrub. What is great about this coconut milk body scrub, is that it is a gentle treatment that is fantastic at keeping your skin moisturized.  It’s also dual action, meaning it exfoliates the skin as it moisturizes, which all together will keep it from drying or flaking. On top of the coconut milk, other great ingredients include vitamin E, sea salt, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, and grapeseed oil.

Brooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Do you want a delicious smelling body scrub to help you relax in your next bath? Then consider the Brown Sugar Body Scrub by Brooklyn Botany. While salt may not be the easiest on sensitive skin, brown sugar is a great alternative. It is powerful enough to remove dead skin, without causing irritation. The gentle exfoliation will give you healthier skin, and the glow you desire. And because it’s so soft, it’s surely the perfect product to use for shaving and waxing, which will make that unpleasant practice fly by.

Brooklyn Botany Arabica Coffee Body Scrub

Another Brooklyn Botany favorite is the Coffee Body and Face Scrub. Yep, coffee can be a body scrub ingredient as well. The cocoa bean must be another miracle element. This one includes coconut oil and shea butter for added moisture. Plus, an antioxidant rich exfoliate like coffee has incredible benefits. If you are looking for a scrub to help fight the affects of aging, or to reduce the look of stretch marks this coffee scrub may be the one for you. It can also help with blackheads, puffy eyes and eczema.

Majestic Pure Sweet Orange Body Scrub

Another sweet smelling and invigorating body scrub is Majestic Pure. Their Sweet Orange Body Scrub will nourish and moisturize your skin. The scent is bright and refreshing; perfect to help you wake up during a morning shower. If you are looking for a company that is fully vegan, and offers great pick-me-up products, then consider this sweet orange body scrub. 

Majestic Pure Acai Berry All-Natural Body Scrubs

Majestic Pure also has an Acai Berry Body Scrub. This one is also all natural, still vegan friendly, and will leave you feeling awesome. This scrub is crafted with Acai Powder, sea salt, Vitamin E, sunflower oil, and other natural ingredients. But why the acai berry? That’s because out of all the berries, the acai contains the most antioxidants, which are what protects the body from chemical reactions with our oxygen. This is how the acai works to heal any damaged skin, all while restoring moisture.

First Botany Tea Tree Oil Body and Foot Scrub

If you suffer from itchy or extremely dry skin, then please don’t rush to the shower or a foot soak. Excess hot water is probably the problem, and what you need is moisturizer. And in that case, tea tree oil can have amazing benefits for you. First Botany is 100% natural and is specifically made for those who suffer from itchy skin. Plus, this scrub is known to be used as a powerful foot scrub to soothe and soften your achy feet. It’s also shown to fight against corns, callouses, acne, athlete’s foot, dandruff and warts.

“First Botany Cosmeceuticals embarked on a mission to make beauty simple, smart and safe for all ages and genders. We craft our products to give you the amazing results you love using the best and thoroughly researched ingredients.”

-First Botany mission statement

Now that summer is on its way, it’s best to treat ourselves now, so that we’re all ready for the beach. And once you have these incredible products, they’re sure to last year-round. Who doesn’t love softer and smoother skin? Of course we do. So grab a couple of friends, bring out the body scrub, and treat yourself to a day full of self-care!

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