We all have certain books from our childhood that shaped us. Whether it be a Dr. Suess book, Goodnight Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or that one odd book in our childhood collection that nobody else has ever seemed to have heard of. No matter what the books were, or how well we remember all the little details, their life lessons are planted within us whether we realize it or not. Children are extremely malleable; at a young age, the things we read and are told have the ability to shape us for the rest of our lives. Reading such lessons at that age plants a seed inside of us, and as we grow, those seeds grow with us into flourishing personalities, making us who we are today. Breakfast for Bouncy could very well be that book for your child, the book that your child fondly looks back on when they are older as one of their favorite books that shaped them

Breakfast for Bouncy is a children’s picture book that tells the story of a little girl and her most prized possession, her stuffed bunny adoringly named Bouncy. The book follows her and her bunny through the mundane task of making breakfast, but of course, when you’re a child, making breakfast is quite the adventure! Throughout the story, the little girl learns important life lessons, including how to care for people other than herself, how to be empathetic, provide care to those who need it, and work with others as a team. Each and every one of these are skills the little girl holds on to as she later grows up and experiences the world for herself — and your child could too! After all, learning to be empathetic and caring can get you extremely far in life, especially because the world quite honestly needs more kind people in it. 

It may sound as though I’m putting too much emphasis on the power of silly little picture books, but I am truly under the impression that children’s books can make all the difference. Ideally, whether you currently have a child or want to have one in the future, we all want to teach our children how to be good human beings. We want to prepare them for life’s hardships, but we want to do it in a way that will teach them resiliency, as well as how to work towards making the world a better place overall. Yes, we could simply teach them ourselves using words, but we all know that verbal words and lectures don’t always do the trick. Rather, presenting the lessons through various mediums, whether it be through a movie, book, or even a puppet show, can better grab the attention of young children. Not only does entertainment and simplicity make the information more palatable to little ones, having a plot to tie lessons to helps the message stick around in one’s memory longer. Imagine your child is on the playground and has a decision to make: reach out to the other kid who is all alone or continue on their way. In that moment, they may remember the instance of that little girl in the picture book who taught them that they should care for others. Who knows? Breakfast for Bouncy could be the difference between your child choosing to help that kid on the playground out of the kindness of their hearts or not doing anything at all. If you want to put that thought to the test, purchase Breakfast for Bouncy by Liz Fe Lifestyle on Amazon, which can be found here.