If you’re a lover of literature, chances are that you have a really long reading list that you want to knock out of the way. It can even be overwhelming seeing how many books you want to read.

Alternatively, many of us are not big fans of reading. But, our education, jobs, and daily lives rely on our ability to read. Regardless, it is unquestionable that reading plays a monumental role in all our lives. The following advice can help any individual seeking to improve their skills, or simply help one change their reading experience.

In this article, you will find tips to help you read faster. Beyond reading faster, this article discusses alternative approaches to reading that consider one’s personal preferences. Moreover, these alternative approaches can help with reading–especially if accessibility and time are an issue.

If you’re ready to discover how you can get your reading list done with ease, consider these these excellent tips:

Don’t Mentally Vocalize

When we are young, we often learn to read things aloud. For many of us, this habit sticks– even when we are mentally reading in our head. But, speaking the words you read may slow you down significantly. Generally speaking, we are capable of reading a sentence faster in our heads than if we were to say the sentence out loud.

Using vocalization may help things really sink in for you and increase comprehension.

Still, when you’re trying to get things done quickly, it’s not always the best method. For book lovers, this tip can help you read as many books as possible. For other readers, this can make a major difference in the time it takes for us to complete a task.

But, this is just one suggestion that you can consider. Often, reading aloud helps in memorization and further understanding. Thus, we are going to offer you some other options that rely less on the traditional, visual aspects of books.

For our traditional book lovers, The Princeton Language Institute’s 10 Days to Faster Reading is an excellent choice to help get through your book list fast!

Use The Kindle App For Reading

5 Tips for Reading Books Faster. get the kindle app on your phone

Now–even if you are not going to read faster–having the kindle app on your phone offers you a chance to read on your own time. During those parts of your day that you typically scroll through your phone, open up the Kindle app instead!

Having access to a multitude of books at your fingertips (literally) is going to help you knock out your readings so much faster. Moreover, the Kindle app helps you sync all of your devices–so you can always pick up where you left off.

For those who struggle with reading, the Kindle app offers definitions and extra information as you go.

If you simply do not like to read, you may see a title that peaks your interest! Go to the app store to download the Kindle app on your device, or click here if you are interested in buying a Kindle!

Listen to An Audiobook Instead Of Reading

5 Tips for Reading Books Faster, listen to an audiobook instead

As so many of us struggle with the visual aspect of reading, audiobooks are potentially life changing. To listen to books, you can get an audible subscription–or simply search up the books you plan to read and see if they are available for listening online. Audiobooks give you the freedom to do hands-on activities while still getting all the same information that you would from physically reading.

This is great if you’re more of an auditory learner instead of a visual learner. As we know, reading words off a page isn’t for everyone!

If you typically don’t like reading, this can change your relationship with books entirely.

Your books take on more of a podcast feel, as you can close your eyes or take notes while you listen.

Above all, audiobooks allow the reader to increase the speed of the book they are listening to! So, if you’re listening to a book that you need to finish quickly, experiment with setting it to 1.25x, 1.5x or even 2x speed. This can help if you are an inpatient reader, or simply want to learn at a faster pace. If you are looking for headphones under $10, check out these earbuds.

Don’t Reread Things

Of course, rereading things can be pretty great for increasing your understanding of the topic. But–when trying to read faster–rereading will just slow you down. We often fixate on certain words or parts of the book we are reading. This slows us down, and also directs us away from the bigger picture in a book.

Chances are, you will come to understand what the words or sentences meant as you continue to read. If you are really unclear, you can always go back and reread. But, for the sake of speed, try and go without rereading things and see how your comprehension is. Chances are, you are taking in more knowledge than you think!

Read More Frequently

Our final tip to change your relationship with reading is to simply read more. Those who often deter from reading do so because reading can be hard!

The more you read, though, the faster you’ll be able to read in the future. It is really a skill that takes practice, so the more effort you put into cultivating this talent, the better you’re going to be at it. In reading more, you may find out that you are a book lover after all!

Reading is also essential in adding words to your vocabulary and dialogue. Whether your book is fiction, non-fiction, or an alternative category, there is always some way that it can enhance your knowledge–and ultimately bring new value to your life.

Whether you love it or hate it, reading is a part of all of our lives–and it is an integral component to expanding your knowledge. Those who read more are more likely to succeed in their education and go on to achieve their life goals. It is important, then, that all of us have accessibility to books and– moreover–the chance to learn in general. We hope that in offering you these tips, you can make reading a more positive and efficient experience.

Interested in more books to add to your reading list?