New books are being released every single day. Luckily, bookworms are always looking for something new and exciting to peak their interest. Are you struggling with what books you want to read? We have made it easy for you and compiled a list of new release books. All of these books are available on,, and on the Kindle store if you have access to those resources. These books range from how-to’s, fiction, nonfiction, and advice, so we’re guaranteed to have something for you.

The Sugar Brain Fix

There is now scientific evidence that sugar can shrink the human brain. Brain health expert Dr. Mike Dow explains, in this book, how you can regrow your brain after it becomes addicted to sugar. He also goes through the process of how excessive sugar intake can leave people feeling blue, stuck, impulsive, and foggy, this is what he calls “sugar brain”. To reverse the process Dr. Dow recommends his Kediterranean (TM) Diet template, by combining mild ketosis with the Mediterranean diet, specialized exercise and brief periods of fasting. Dr. Dow calls this method “miracle grow for your brain”.

The Sugar Brain Fix uses the secret of gradual detox to bypass withdrawal symptoms and incorporates two proven methods to change your eating patterns; cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnosis. Quitting a bad habit can be difficult, but with persistence and the right guidance, anything is possibly. In this book, Dr. Dow also teaches you how to get the feel good chemicals from your brain naturally without the use of processed foods. Creating healthy habits as such will benefit you and your body in the long run.

The Sugar Brain Fix is based on a 28-day, keto-inspired Mediterranean diet plan that allows you to reap the sustainable benefits of a gradual detox: adding healthy foods and activities before eliminating sugar and bad fats. By taking Dr. Dow’s quizzes, you’ll learn if you’re deficient in serotonin, dopamine, or both.”

-Official book description

Floret Farm’s A Year in Flowers: Designing Gorgeous Arrangements for Every Season

If you are a gardener at heart, or love to admire other’s admiration for floral arrangements, this is the book for you. This flower arranging book by Erin Benzakein teaches how to buy, sell and present seasonal flowers. It can help you design flower arrangements for every occasion. There are different sections on tools, flower care, design techniques and more. Erin is a world renowned flower farmer, designer and author and this guide will help you learn everything you need to know about creating flower arrangements. This book is most definitely meant to be kept on the coffee table, it brightens up the room and could be used as a talking point. This book is full of tips and beautiful photos of different arrangements.

The Conference of Birds

In the fifth novel of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, Jacob Portsman’s story continues as he takes a critical leap towards a new beginning. His enemies are now behind him and he adventures into the conference of birds. This novel included lost friends who are found, boundaries to be tested, and more surprising backstories revealed. Ransom Riggs is a peculiar, yet enticing author, who was raised on a steady diet of ghost stories and British comedy. This upbringing has brought him to be the best selling author he is today. This young adult contemporary fantasy novel is a continuation from the last book Map of Days and was an instant best seller.

“The pulse-pounding fifth volume of the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series continues storylines introduced in Map of Days…. Lost friends are found, boundaries tested, and more surprising history is revealed. After this installment’s dramatic ending, readers can only hope the next one isn’t long in coming.”


Chasing Vines: Finding Your Way to an Immensely Fruitful Life

A 304 paged how-to book by Beth Moore is a spiritual guide for a life that matters. This is a religious book about finding meaning to your life, in the philosophy that God wants us to flourish. Beth gives us examples of her philosophy using scripture and shows us how all of our life concerns matter to God. She fully embraces God’s brilliant plan for each of us, understanding the purpose of why things play out the way they do. This is a book meant for everyone, we all have a unique soul and we all have an underlying purpose we must uncover. “Nothing is for nothing”, she says, referring to both our accomplishments and faults having meaning. Many of Beth’s books have referenced ancient teachings from the Bible, and incorporate them into everyday modern living. This an inspiring spiritual book for every Christian.

Leadership Strategy and Tactics: A Field Manual

This non-fiction how-to style book by Joko Willink has been called “the ultimate guide to leadership” by The New York Times. In the military, a field guide gives step by step directions to help soldiers complete their mission. In that manner was this book created, so it is easy to understand and follow. Overcoming imposter syndrome, doling out punishment, leadership doubt, building trust and constructive criticism are just a few of the topics covered here. Covering the hard questions in leadership, this book is a direct how-to guide that can easily be put to use. Considered a solution for leaders at every level, this one is a must read for anyone either in or interested in a leadership role. This would be a great book to read if you are studying business at university, undergrad or grad school. This book lays out how to be an excellent leader, even if you lack the confidence.

Start your new reading list now, there is no time like the present to start a book! Exercise for the mind and food for the soul, reading is only a rewarding experience for us all. So take your time reading these books, as they are best-sellers and deserve to be cherished.

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