Hitting a reading slump in world consumed by social media literature is not such a strange thing. Sometimes even the biggest bookworms have trouble consistently reading and making time for books. If you are thinking about your own reading habits, there is no need to panic, here are hacks that will help you get back into a reading mode. They are so simple and easy that you can incorporate them into your everyday life right this moment. Become a more avid reader with these simple tips:


Do you ever wonder how many books you would have read if everyday life was not consumed by electronics? Television, cell phones, computers, the internet, and social media are sometimes our biggest distractions. Although this may be just one of the excuses why we read so little, majority of our days involve some kind of technology. Watching a Youtube video or listening to music takes a lot less energy than focusing on a book, which is why we feel more inclined to do so.

We all attempt to read more, with true intentions, but occasionally there are simply not enough hours in the day. Taking time away from your screens may help your desire to read more. Look at it as a game. So here is how you play it. You turn off or leave your mobile phone outside of the room that you are reading in. It goes the same way with any kind of gadget that could be more attractive than a book. Pretend that social media does not exist, at least for a few hours.

Keeping a reading goal list will help you integrate reading as more of a hobby.
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All of us, at least once, have started a book that just wasn’t our cup of tea. We still tried to push through the pages, which took longer than we expected because of the lack of interest. In the end, you still got to the conclusion that that particular book just wasn’t your preference. Admitting this to yourself can be difficult. If you only stopped sooner, you would not have wasted time reading the rest of it. Imagine how many books that you actually enjoy you would’ve read. There is no rule that holds you accountable for finishing a book you are unsure about. This mindset takes all the fun that reading should be about. 

When choosing a book to read always have a backup one just in case the first one isn’t what like. This is great as you can sharpen your taste in books and save yourself some trouble next time. You can have more than one backup. With that, you’ll know that you have options from which you can choose the one that attracts you more. Don’t be afraid to stop reading that one book although it’s not your taste it probably is someone else’s. Who knows, one day you might pick it up again and actually find it interesting.

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Having a certain goal in mind is great as it helps you stay on track. It is no different from reading. Knowing what you want to accomplish reading-wise will help you get there. This could definitely be beneficial for those who have trouble keeping consistent track with reading. There are a lot of reading challenges out there that have an easy fix and that you can participate in. Another thing you can do is to make a list of books you want to read. Each time you finish one you can start ticking it off. You can make it weekly, monthly or yearly. Have in mind that you are the one who knows what works best for you. 

Small goals is the easiest way to integrate reading as a daily hobby in your life. A helpful tip is to try and read at least one chapter before you go to sleep. There is no pressure to try and rush the book, but rather approach reading like watching a tv show on television. Binging may not work for you, so reading one chapter a night gives you something to look forward to the next night. As you grow accustomed to this routine, another way to add to it is reading another chapter when you wake up in the morning. Most of the time before we go to sleep and wake up, the first and last thing we do is look at our phone, try to pick up a book instead.

A great way to track how much and what you are reading is Goodreads. If you haven’t heard about Goodreads before, it is a book cataloging website. It allows you to search their database of books, annotations, and reviews. You can also set a yearly reading goal for yourself. This is a great site to make a reading bucket list, Goodreads is easy and accessible to keep tracks of all the books you have read so far. In addition, you can track how you are doing while reading each book. By updating your progress, you can see how much you have accomplished and take a sigh of relief. Reading should be an enjoyable hobby, not a taxing one. If you are unsure of which book to read next, there are informative and helpful reviews from other fellow bookworms who are just like you.

Trying Something New

If physically reading a book is difficult for you, whether you get distracted easily or simply struggle with comprehension, you have alternative options. Podcasts and audiobooks are the new upcoming trend. While these audio readings do involve technology, they are just as effective and accessible as carrying around a book. A great resource for audiobooks is Audible.com, they have a large selection of books to choose from. Some of these audiobooks are read by the author themselves, or someone with a soothing voice. Audiobooks are a new shift in literature culture, but as time progresses so does reading.

Audiobooks are very easy for someone who has an on-the-go job. If you want to read on your form of transportation, but have no room for a paperback book in your bad, audiobooks are ready at the touch of a button. You already have your phone on your person, why not make it a daily habit? Audiobooks are definitely something to try if you struggle to focus on paper, your willingness to try them out will affect your experience.

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