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Fictional Books You Need To Read This Year

Reading allows the mind to do incredible things. Reading books expands your knowledge. Fictional books, however, are a specific genre of reading that open up a wider range of possibilities. The fictional genre is especially useful. It lends thought to possible theories, scenarios, and imaginative worlds. As you read these books, you are able to …


Woke Books You Need to Read From Ibram X. Kendi

Literature can be so enriching and offer tools and perspectives to help others change their actions and perceptions of reality. It can be a way to transcend America’s racist past by raising empathy and understanding about difficult topics. Ibram X. Kendi gives some great recommendations on this topic. Every day, it’s crucial to take self-educating steps …


Read More with These Simple Tips

Sometimes even the biggest bookworms have trouble when it comes to consistently reading and making time for books. Hitting a reading slump in a social media world isn’t such a strange thing. However, there is no need to panic, here are hacks that will help you get back into the reading mode. They are so …