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How To Create Your Own Signature Style

Having a signature look is a great way to stylistically distinguish yourself and be instantly recognizable to others. It is sort of like self-branding. When you have a signature style–you know what you like, what looks good on you, and what makes your fashion look unique. Not everyone needs or wants a signature style; that …


How To Ensure Continued Diversity In Fashion

When it comes to the realm of fashion, it is no secret that brands have fallen short in more ways than one. When considering progress in the fashion world, we look to ideals of diversity. Diversity suggests a mix of something. This mix can regard gender, sexuality, age, and different body types. In the fashion industry, …


Quick Tips To Always Look Chic And Confident

Being confident is widely considered as one of the most attractive qualities anyone can have. Having self-confidence can improve your chances of getting a job, help you get more dates, and even increase your grades in school. Unfortunately, feeling confident in yourself is usually much easier said than done. Few people are blessed with the …

fashion subscription box

The Best Fashion Subscription Boxes

Are you a fashion-lover that wants to enjoy beautiful clothes curated to your style from the comfort of your home? If so, you might want to consider checking out the best fashion subscription boxes.  These are especially perfect right now while spending a fun day trying on clothes at the mall still isn’t all that …