Maintaining natural curly hair is hard. This is because it is difficult for natural oils to move up the hair strands. Most girls with curly hair complain of dryness, coarseness and frizziness almost on a daily basis. Some even have several curl patterns, making it more difficult to care for it. Yet, all hope is not lost. There are tricks one can use to care for their natural hair. Most will leave your hair feeling soft and with the type of texture you want. The type of curls does not matter.

Here are some tips to get you started on your natural hair care journey.


Curly hair is very delicate. It requires gentle care to avoid damaging it. One trick is to pre-shampoo your hair before the wash process. Pre-shampooing makes your hair soft and easy to care for. The pre-shampooing involves using conditioning oil or a conditioner. Apply the conditioner on dry hair. For easy application, part your hair into sections. Apply the conditioner on these sections and let it sit for 20 minutes. Cover your hair in a hot towel to warm up and also open your cuticles. These 20 minutes will make the hair softer, easy to wash and style.

Select the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Choose the best products for your hair.

Avoid harsh shampoos and conditioners. These will strip your hair of its natural moisture. You can use low-lather products for washing your hair. Besides, select products that do not have alcohol as an ingredient. The right products will maintain moisture and make it easy to manage. Many curly girls highly recommend Diva Curl.

Here are some ingredients you should avoid in your hair products:

  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Triclosan
  • Polyethylene Glycols
  • Synthetic fragrances and colors

“These components not only leave lasting damage to the environment, but they can cause severe damage to your hair and scalp. If your scalp is damaged, you could face dry, brittle, and heavy tresses.”

Genesis Career College

Wash Your Hair in Sections

Curly hair entangles very fast. Washing your hair in sections will reduce make it easy to detangle it. Working in sections also avoid hair breakage. During washing, ensure that your hair is wet or damp. Part it into sections and wash the sections. Do not try to detangle dry hair.

Detangle Using Fingers

Due to its curly nature, natural curly hair breaks when combed with fine-toothed combs. Use your fingers to detangle your hair instead of combs. This process also requires patience and gentle handling. Again, you should work in sections. Start with parting the hair from the roots towards the ends. This can be difficult for some curly girls, so feel free to use a wide tooth comb if it becomes too time consuming.

Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning is a caring technique that improves moisture in your hair. The deep-conditioning process involves applying a conditioning treatment to your hair. You then cover it with a shower cap to capture the moisture. It allows the moisture to travel to up the strands of the hair. Let the treatment sit for 30 minutes and wash out. Again, it is important to pick the right products for this process. You can style your hair if you use a moisturizing conditioner without rinsing. When you use a protein conditioner, you must rinse your hair.

“Deep-conditioning your hair is a practice that should be done regularly for your hair to be able to actually benefit from the process.”

Pound Kakar, Skinkraft

Braid Your Hair

It helps to braid your hair to prevent it from frizzing. Most natural curly haired girls braid their hair before going to sleep. This maintains the texture of the hair and it will not be as dry and coarse.

Reduce Heat Usage

Excess usage of heat on hair causes heat damage. You can start by reducing the amount of heat you use on your hair. A good way of reducing heat is by air drying your hair. Roll your hair in twists or braids and let it air dry. You can also choose to use heat protection products before styling your hair with heat. Some thermal tools like the diffuser spread heat to reduce hair frizz. Choose to invest in a diffuser for styles that will need heat.

Co-washing Hair

Co-washing means using a product that is both a conditioner and a shampoo. This reduces the time you spend on your hair. You can choose co-washing products with natural ingredients like jojoba oil or almonds. Co-washing results in increased moisture and elasticity of the hair. This technique makes it easy to style your hair.

Cocktail Products

A good tip is to cocktail products that work for you. Experiment with various products to find the perfect balance. Cocktail products will maintain the curl pattern and volume of your hair. In this case, mix the products in the desired proportions. Apply the mixture on your hair. You should work in sections to make the process easier. You can also add water to this mixture. Water is a hydrating element and will help give your curls definition.

Using a Curling Iron

Instead of restyling your hair, use a curling iron to refresh them. It is important to use a curling iron with a close diameter to your curls. You only to give the hair touch up for it look new again. Remember that excessive usage of heat results in damaging your hair. You should also be gentle when curling your hair to avoid breakage.

Caring for natural curly hair is difficult. The challenge with this hair type is lack of moisture. Curly hair is usually dry, frizzy and prone to damage. But, using the above tips can help maintain healthy natural curly hair. It is every person’s desire to maintain the volume and health of their hair.

Caring for curly hair requires a lot of patience and gentleness. It also needs one to experiment with different products before finding the right one. Besides, you need to pick products that do not leave your hair dry after use. The desired goal with these tricks is to maintain the natural hair moisture. To order to reduce breakage, you should always work in sections.

In all the techniques you will use, ensure you first part your hair to avoid using excessive force. Besides, avoid using too much heat on curly hair. Its brittle state makes it more prone to damage. Applying these tips will be helpful in achieving hair moisture, volume, and definition.

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