Curly Girl Hair Products Perfect for Summer

The heat is turning up! (And in some places, that also means the humidity is coming as well.) Summer is that time when many of us need to get extra high-maintenance with hair care to keep things in place. If you are a fellow curly girl then you know that this hair comes with challenges of its own. You are constantly searching for the “perfect” product for washing, styling, maintaining, and what not.

We have found curly girl hair products perfect for summer. After all, summer is the time we go in and out of air-conditioned rooms. We might swim in the pool or the ocean and get super sweaty. There are so many different factors involving hair during the summer that just do not come up as much in the winter.

As a curly girl, you can probably attest to this as well if you have been using the same hair products all year round. Of course, it probably also depends on your location!

If you are ready to set up your rotation of curly girl summer hair care products, keep on reading!

Hair Types

Before we get into the products let us talk about the various hair types. Understanding your hair type is so important because it dictates what products and techniques you can use on your hair and scalp. Yes, you may have curly hair, but everyone has different textures and compositions.

Generally speaking, there are four groups:

  • Type 1 = Straight
  • Type 2 = Wavy or S-shaped (spiraling possible)
  • Type 3 = Curly (spirals, ringlets, corkscrews)
  • Type 4 = Coily or super curly (tight s-pattern, zigzag shape)

Once you determine your hair type, you need to identify the diameter of your curls, waves or even coils. This is organized in terms of letters and only apply to hair types 2-4.

  • A = Widest
  • B = Medium diameter
  • C = Tightest/smallest diameter
  • 2C = S-shaped waves starting at the root, some spiral curls, thick, prone to frizz
  • 3A = S-shaped curls with a wider diameter
  • 3B = Wider diameter (almost as a marker)
  • 3C = Smaller diameter (similar to a straw)
  • 4A = Tighter s-shaped coils or curls
  • 4B = Z-shaped tight bends (not really curls)
  • 4C = Extremely tight zig-zag hair patterns, more fragile, almost no definition

“Those numbers reflect your curl pattern, porosity, and can help to guide you in choosing the right products for your hair. Your hair type is made up of the shape and size of your hair follicle, thickness, length, and how it retains moisture.”

Desiree Johnson,

What is the Deal with Porosity?

When it comes to maintaining your curls you need to understand how your curls actually absorb and retain their moisture. This is what porosity is. There are three basic categories that measure porosity: low, normal, and high. With low porosity hair, your hair is unable to easily absorb moisture. So, you may want to go easy on any oils or butters when it. comes to hair care. As for normal porosity hair, you hair is healthy as it can absorb and retain moisture well. Finally with high porosity hair, your hair can absorb moisture quickly but also lose it. It is best to use protein treatments for high porosity hair.

To determine the porosity of your hair, you can take a quick strand test:

  1. Take a strand of your hair and place it in a clean glass of water.
  2. If your hair falls to the bottom easily, it means your hair has high porosity. If it falls midway then it has normal porosity. And if it stays near the surface it has low porosity.

Cleansing Conditioner

Shampoo who? We do not want to be stripping our hair of its precious nutrients with constant shampooing. However, sometimes it is unavoidable. In which case, opt for a sulfate-free shampoo.

But if you are really committed to your hair and scalp health, grab a cleansing conditioner instead. There are so many on the market, and these products still get the job of cleaning your hair done. The difference is that they will strip your hair less and leave you feeling a lot more moisturized – which we all need for our hair in the summer heat!

Conditioning Mask

Oh yeah, and instead of regular conditioner for conditioning, a light conditioning mask does it better. After all, we’re using cleansing conditioner in place of shampoo, so it only makes sense to go heavier on the conditioner!

You deserve to have the softest, healthiest hair around. A conditioning mask is an excellent treat for your hair when you do. 

If you want the mask to soak in extra deep, leave it on for even longer than the recommended time on the back of the bottle. It really all depends on how much time you have to care for your hair. 

But if you are only washing it once a week, this can be an excellent pampering session!

Leave-in Conditioner

This is especially crucial to add to your hair if you are going to be doing any swimming this summer. Leave-in conditioner does fantastic things for your hair. 

Not only does it make it soft and keep it healthy. But it also protects your hair from any unnecessary damage or disarray brought on by swimming or other elements.

Anti-Frizz Gel

If humidity is a problem for you, getting a hair gel that is specifically anti-frizz in a great idea. But if you are not living somewhere humid, your usual gel is probably perfectly fine to continue using.

For the best results, after you have washed your hair and applied your leave-in conditioner, you can use this gel on top to hold everything in place. This way, you lock in your moisturising products and style your hair in a way that makes you feel confident.

Use Heat Protectant

Now, all of us probably know by now that using heat products is terrible for our hair. But if you must, please make sure that you have a fantastic heat protectant! 

Your beautiful hair deserves to be healthy at all times- whether you’re using heat tools to style it or not.

So before you use a straightener, a curling iron, or even your diffuser, don’t forget to add a protective layer to your hair! Your locks will undoubtedly thank you for your kindness later.

Taking care of your natural curly or coiled hair is definitely a hassle at times, but always worth the time and effort. The next time you need a quick hair fix and do no know where to start, check out this article for some guidance.

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