If you have curly hair, you know that taking care of curly hair can be so frustrating. At the end of the day, we end up using all the natural hair products that promise ultimate moisture and intense hydration. However, you probably find yourself wanting more–especially after a wash day. As it turns out, our curls keep getting less manageable and more frizzy in using these common moisturizing shampoos. Therefore, if you want to keep your curly hair healthy, you must apply additional oils.

The unfortunate truth is most shampoos only dry out curls; ultimately, they strip away all the natural oils that keep curly strands from being too dry.

It is a fact that your curls need oil, whether it be your own natural oil or oils that you buy. But, hair oils are marketed everywhere, and by every curly brand company. So, it can be a bit confusing knowing which ones to consider purchasing and using for your hair.

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At the end of the day, all curly hair is different. The best way to learn what oils work for you is through trial and error, and of course, a bit of research on the product. In this article, we are going to discuss some great moisturizing and sealant oils for curly hair. Hopefully, this information will help you figure out the best options for your individual, beautiful curls.

Moisturizing Your Curls

Just as the name hints, moisturizing oils actually hydrate your hair. As these oils are thinner, they can actually seep into any dehydrated strands. Using a moisturizing oil is great for curly hair, as it can protect your hair from humidity, frizz, breakage, and so on. Having these oils are crucial in maintaining your curl pattern–and–they might make more of a difference than you think.

To keep your curls healthy and hydrated, consider these four moisturizing oils:

Olive Oil

Believe it or not, olive oil isn’t just for cooking. It is useful in many ways; but for curly girls, olive oil is so great because it easily sinks into your strands. We recommend applying the oil to your hair after a fresh wash, or, adding it into a spray bottle with water to help the oil sink deeper into your hair. Once absorbed, the olive oil will soften the hair, and it will be much easier to detangle. Your hair will definitely have a lot more shine after using this oil.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is another great moisturizing oil; after all, it is already included in the formula of many shampoos, conditioners, and several other styling products. This penetrating oil is filled with useful nutrients that curly hair craves. Also, these nutrients and vitamins can aid in hair growth, and the acids in avocado oil will help strengthen your hair. Including this oil in your weekly deep conditioning treatment will leave you with much stronger hair.

Aloe Vera

When we think of aloe vera, we tend to think of using it on our skin from sunburn. As it turns out, aloe vera is more of a gel than an oil; but, it can be applied to hair and it is an excellent moisturizer for curls. The product fights against frizz, dandruff, and any hair loss or breakage. If you add an aloe vera hair mask during a wash day, it will work just like a conditioner.

Baobab Oil

The baobab oil is not usually sold in stores, but it is included in the formula of so many leave-in conditioners. It is no secret as to why products include the ingredient, as it is full of so many vitamins and omegas. It is very moisturizing and refreshing for your curly hair. If you stumble upon it in the store, make sure you grab it. We’re confident that it will do amazing things for your curls.

Sealing Oils

Now that we’ve covered some moisturizing oils, it is important to also cover sealing oils. As opposed to moisturizing oils, sealing oils do not penetrate your hair strands. However, they still serve a major role in your hair routine. Sealing oils work to lock in your hair’s moisture.

By layering these types of sealing oils over hair moisturizers or even water, these oils can easily trap the hydration in your hair.

Here are a list of several sealing oils you can use in your hair-care routine:

Castor Oil

Along with being a great moisture sealant, castor oil is the number one oil used to aid in hair growth. This sealant is great for denser hair types, as dense hair relies on heavier oils to keep moisture locked in. If hair growth is your goal, we recommend you massage castor oil on your scalp three to four times a week. Try and remember to concentrate on getting the oil on your roots and your scalp.

Grapeseed Oil

One of the best things about grapeseed oil is that it is so lightweight. Grapeseed oil can sit on top of your strands without weighing them down. The linoleic acid in the oil helps control water loss in the hair, and works against hair loss as well. Additionally, this oil carries a high resistance to heat; so, using it as a heat protectant before applying heat to your hair will protect your curls from any damage.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a sealing oil that is similar to the oils that naturally come from your scalp. Therefore, it is a great oil to use if you have excessive dryness or flaking issues. Jojoba oil can also soothe dry hair, and any additional irritation on your scalp. The oil works to calm frizz and make your curls shine–without making any strands too greasy.

Additionally, there are two oils that can both moisturize your hair and seal the moisture in.

Coconut Oil

When looking for products, you want to purchase unrefined, extra virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil is another sealant that is known for being light and non-greasy. Coconut oil is especially useful for those of us who have high porous hair. In other words, this type of curly hair can soak up moisture extremely well, but it has trouble retaining it. Thus, the proteins in coconut oil will aid for extra porous hair, but it helps prevent damage for all curly girls. The oil works best if it is mixed with other products (like a hair milk) to keep moisture locked in while you are shampooing your curls.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is full of vitamin E, which keeps your hair follicles free from damage and prevents your hair from splitting. This oil is silky and absorbs evenly and quickly into wet hair. It is a good choice if you are looking for strong but softer hair. It can also help to naturally restore shine to dull hair and additionally, increase your hair’s elasticity. Using an argan-infused shampoo can really go a long way in terms of gradually strengthening your hair.

Hot Oil Treatment

If you are using these oils and you still find your hair breaking, you might want to try out a hot oil treatment.

A hot oil treatment will help strengthen your hair, and, the treatment is known for helping with hair growth. In addition, these treatments help deal with common hair problems like dandruff, dry scalp, frizziness, moisture, and hair breakage. If you opt for the hot oil treatment, try to squeeze it in on a wash day; as it works best on clean hair.

Here at Liz Fe Lifestyle, we know how hard it can be for those of us with curly hair. It is often harder to style, more susceptible to frizz, and sometimes–we can’t even find the right products. While it may be frustrating, it is so crucial to avoid neglecting your curls. Hopefully, one of these oils works wonders for you and your curly hair. After all, the best thing about curly hair is how unique it is; so it is so important to let your own, unique hair shine. If you dedicate the time to taking care of your curls with the right products, you will see–and feel–how beautiful your natural hair truly is.

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