Affirmations are a unique and alternative way of reprogramming our minds through consistent, repetitive exercises. Over the past year, it has been hard to escape our negative thoughts. All of the changes we have endured–paired with the lack of usual activities–has left many people looking inward. You are certainly not alone in wanting to change your mental health. As you read this piece, you will discover the role daily affirmations will play in your life.

For many of us, negative thoughts seem impossible to get out of our heads. What we often fail to realize is that a lot of our negative thoughts are pre-programmed into our brains. The negative thoughts that we experience in our lives could be a result of your environment, childhood, or a multitude of societal aspects. A lot of us may not even know why we have this pessimistic, negative view of ourselves, and the world around us. But, wherever the root is, our subconscious beliefs make life harder than it has to be–especially if you are thinking negatively.

Why Use Affirmations?

How to Empower Your Life With Positive Affirmations, why use affirmations

While affirmations might seem like something that only “spiritual” people use, it is a technique that can help anyone. If you have negative thoughts, the voice inside your head likely determines your actions. Moreover, if you have all of these negative beliefs in your mind, you’ll probably look for negative in things in life–and even find the negatives in yourself.

Negative thoughts are normal to have–but once you realize the significance of those thoughts–you will want to change them. If you are constantly thinking poorly of yourself, your subconscious will follow suit. You will continue to make decisions that reflect these poor thoughts, without really even realizing the injustice you are doing to yourself!

Thus, it is important to be able to recognize and control your thoughts. Your mind tends to sift through everything with tunnel vision. By setting an intent before and while you say your affirmations, you can actually reprogram your brain through a process called the Reticular Activating System. This part of the brain not only helps with your sleep cycles, but helps you to regulate your conscious thoughts.

By using affirmations, you can reprogram your thoughts and subconscious over time. You will begin to focus on the things that you want to see, and even find yourself becoming the person you want to be. This will make you feel so much more empowered as you go through each day. Affirmations are renowned for their healing abilities, helping achieve personal goals, and most importantly– an overall increase in self love.

Now that we know how important affirmations are, let’s get into how you can begin changing your thoughts!

Write Down All The Things You Don’t Want

How to Empower Your Life With Positive Affirmations, write down all the things you don't want

It seems pretty counterintuitive to write down what you don’t want when the endpoint here is to feel empowered and optimistic, right?

Well, as much as we would like it to be, no one can be 100% positive and happy all the time. Everyone has their own battles. It’s okay to give a bit of attention to the issues that you’re facing in your life, so that you can work on resolving them. Acknowledging the things you don’t want in life is just as useful as writing the things you actually do want.

So, write down all the things you don’t want–the things that bring you down. Doing so will help you discover the negative areas in your life. From there, you will be more aware of them, and actively avoid them. In pinpointing the things you do not want, you will notice your habits changing–and you will begin to turn those negatives into positives!

Write What You Do Want

Now that you have an exact list of the things that you don’t want in your life, it is time to come with a list of the things that you do want. The best way to do this is to transform the things you don’t like in your life into present tense statements of what you want.

For example, if you write “I don’t want the patriarchy to dictate which beauty standards I should adhere to,” change it to a present-tense statement like this:

“I am a strong and beautiful woman that’s confident in my skin.”

Change the rest of the things you don’t want into empowering “I am” statements. Repeat these positive statements until they become your new truth. When paired with consistency, these statements will make a major difference. Even if you may not believe the things you are saying about yourself at first, say them anyway. Some mental health experts recommend saying your affirmations in front of the mirror.

Say Your Affirmations Out Loud

As discussed above, actually saying your affirmations out loud potentially changes your outlook and future. An additional layer of empowerment comes from hearing your own voice speaking these new beliefs. With your list of all your “I am” statements in your hand, make a recording of them one by one. Give yourself time to mentally repeat each statement before moving to the next one.

From there, listen to your personal recording once or twice a day. With consistency and commitment, these words will become your new belief system. The first few times that you listen to this recording, you’ll probably feel incredibly moved and emotionally touched. This is because you’ll find that these are the things that you have needed to hear all along.

All of us women have either landed in a bad headspace or had negative thoughts about ourselves. We hope that these affirmations help you realize that you hold all the power within yourself to create a positive life. Make sure to prioritize you! With these techniques, the possibilities are endless.

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