Rihanna, also known as Robyn Rihanna Fenty, is an amazing, empowered woman that all of us should be taking inspiration from. Rihanna’s career has inspired many young women to go further in life. She is a great role model for young women because of her resilience and inclusion of others.

While she started out as a singer, she’s expanded her talents to a lot more than just music. You’ve probably seen Rihanna in movies, pulling off stunning fashion looks, and most recently, as an entrepreneur. She’s currently pulling off a super popular makeup company and has her own luxury loungewear line, Savage X Fenty!

All of us have a lot to learn from Rihanna’s career. And from these tips, we can empower ourselves as well as other women. Let’s get into some women empowering inspiration from Rihanna:

Push Through Hard Times

When times get tough, or there’s a setback, most people want to give up. But Rihanna has pushed past so much controversy and negativity throughout her career. Whatever issues she’s faced, she’s always made things more positive. And that’s a fantastic thing to do.

Like Rihanna, you have to be like a phoenix when times get tough.

When it seems like everything has failed or turned to ash, you have to rise up and fight to make the changes that you want. Resilience is one of the best ways to succeed. So if we all take inspiration from Rihanna’s consistent positive efforts, we can accomplish anything.

Don’t Conform to Categories

People usually feel more comfortable being able to stuff things into a box, labeling them to suit their minds. But you don’t have to conform to categories just because it’s what other people want. Rihanna certainly didn’t.

She started out as a singer. And people have continued to label her that way over the years. But she has become so much more than just a singer and entertainer. Just like Rihanna, everyone has many different unique talents and interests. She didn’t stick to the one category, she expanded her abilities and created an empowering empire as a result.

Don’t worry about conforming to make other people’s thought processes easier! Rihanna hasn’t actually made any new music since she started her beauty company. And it’s up to her if she wants to go back to it or not. Her talents are more than just singing, and she’s proven that to the world with Fenty Beauty, her acting, and her philanthropy.

Be Your Authentic Self

Who cares about what other people think? Whatever makes you happy and whatever excites you should be your pursuit in life. You deserve to love yourself no matter what anyone tells you, just like Rihanna.

Rihanna has faced a lot of controversies throughout her career. And she has never apologized for being true to herself

This is the core essence of self-empowerment: You don’t have to be like anyone else. You don’t have to change or suppress any part of yourself. Do and say what makes you yourself, and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for it!

Don’t Exclude Others

Take a page from Rihanna’s inclusive beauty line. All women deserve to feel empowered. So we have to do what we can to show others that we accept them. We’re more powerful together, and Fenty Beauty is a perfect example of something that brings all women together.

Appreciate and Help Others

Regardless of how much negativity you face, there will always be people out there who support you. Rihanna’s fans are one of the most loyal fan bases in the world, and that’s because of the empowering figure that she is. She gives back to her fans, and she goes out of her way to do philanthropic work. Gratitude and spreading love is the way to empower others.

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