4 Lifestyle Videos to Keep You Entertained at Home

Are you in desperate need of some home entertainment that is simultaneously life-improving? There are so many exciting things that you can do for your home that are both enjoyable and beneficial. We have found different types of lifestyle videos to keep you entertained at home.

Not only that, we have also curated a significant number of suggestions for things that you can do to improve your life while having fun on YouTube. So if you are ready for some home, self, and overall life improvement that is also entertaining, this is the perfect article for you.

Here are some lifestyle videos that will keep you entertained at home while also making your life so much more exciting:

Color Theory Videos

Yeah, watching movies and shows is a pretty fun use of time, but do shows and movies give you inspiration for activities that you can do in your actual life?

Unless it is a cooking show or something similar, the answer is probably “no”.

Youtube has color theory videos that are hugely entertaining and will motivate you to head straight to your closet. Who knew that the colors that went with our skin and season were so appearance-altering?

While a lot of the concepts in this video can be a bit confusing, there is no harm in checking out the clothes we own afterwards! Try and hold up each of your clothing articles to your arm after watching this video and figure out which pieces really do spark joy for you.

These videos are probably going to change the way that you look at the colors that you put on.

Home Organization Videos

It is probably occurred to each and every one of us to do some serious home organization at one time or another, but isn’t it fun to have an organization role model to follow in the footsteps of?

If you are craving for organization inspiration and get a kick out of watching things getting organized, home organization videos are just the thing for you. Who isn’t entertained by observing disordered things getting orderly?

Once you binge through these videos, get ready to head over to your local store and get some organizational baskets because your home is going to be looking fantastic in no time. 

Cooking Inspo Videos

There are several other videos across YouTube with different recipes that you can grab some inspiration from.

Learning how to make diverse dishes that are also cheap and healthy really is entertaining. It keeps you busy and from getting bored with the usual meals that you’ve memorized how to make.

It never hurts to try out excitingly new and potentially money-saving recipes, right? So if you see anything in these videos that you would love to try out, certainly do so and let us know which items from it were your favorite!

Skincare Routine Videos

Watching skincare routine videos is both entertaining and relaxing.

So why not take the time to follow along with a Youtuber’s skincare routine? They likely do things differently than you usually do and have some pretty excellent tips on how to do something more effectively. Obviously a majority of the Youtubers are not certified to give you proper skincare advice and treatments. But there is no harm in watching their videos to learn more about different skincare products and techniques.

Make-Up Videos

Other than clothes, the next best thing to truly express your personality is through your make-up. The make-up industry has been around for quite a while, but only recently have people started truly experimenting with make-up products to express their personality and even identity.

“As consumers have more playtime with cosmetics, online makeup tutorials have gained traction.”

Livvy Houghton, a creative researcher at strategic foresight consultancy The Future Laboratory. 

From Instagram reels to Youtube videos, make-up videos are everywhere. The beauty community which often critiqued for its superficiality, has evolved to a more comforting space. People view it more as a way of expression. An art even. There are no right or wrong answers with make-up because everyone is learning and growing.

“I have been watching tutorials for inspiration…For me, the makeup world is almost a way of life. It’s a source of inspiration. It makes me feel better.”

Nieves, an individual who works in architecture in Ibiza

Hair Tutorials

Another popular category of videos on the internet these days in hair care videos or even hair style tutorials. Specifically those videos that encourage women to embrace their natural hair and nurture it. Any for of beauty, from skin to hair, that is outside the Eurocentric beauty standards has rarely been considered as beautiful. But nowadays, more and more women are speaking out against this and releasing content that is all-inclusive. Black women for instance, have always had to hide their natural hair to be more accepted by society. Their curly braids and lots have been labeled as “unprofessional” or “unkept.” But no more. As the natural hair movement has been gaining more traction, Black women and other minority women are feeling empowered. They are redefining beauty in their own way.

Whitney White was one of the first Youtubers back in the late 2000s who created content that showcased her natural hair.

Anything new is going to be a challenge, and it’s not going to look perfect right from the start. You have to make a lot of mistakes, as with anything in life, before you get good at it,” says White. “So, for me, it was just a matter of committing to learning how to [work with my hair] in its natural state. I saw so much potential, and I’m still constantly learning new things about my hair and new reasons to love it.”

Women like White have created a safe space within the beauty community that is more representative of the general population. Her followers and subscribers encouraged her and gave her the strength to keep producing more content that spoke to them.

These are just a few of the amazing content that is available on the internet for you. So, are you ready to explore new lifestyle content from the comfort of your home?

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