The answer to this question is yes, we slept on Ever After. One thousand times yes! We as a people have slept on this iconic movie and I’ve had enough of it. How could we have passed up so many great opportunities to watch it? There have been few movies to even come close to the greatness that is Ever After. Though the ones that have come close are no longer even mentioned today.

If you have forgotten the plot of this movie, I’ll give you a little bit of a synopsis of the romantic drama to jog your memory. Inspired by the Cinderella fairy tale, this movie takes place in the 16th century and follows a young woman named Danielle (Drew Barrymore) as she stands up against her wicked step-mother (Angelica Huston) and creates wonderful relationships with the people around her through her kindness. One of these people even being the prince of France (Dougray Scott). Starting to sound familiar?

Well, if not, that’s okay because in this article we’ll review some of the most memorable aspects of the movie that we slept on for the past couple decades.

Danielle de Barbarac is Basically the Blueprint for Every Princess

Danielle is beautiful, witty, and independent, not unlike many princesses today. Over two decades ago though, it was pretty influential.

Unlike most pre-20th century princesses, she is not afraid to speak her mind when needed. A great example of this is in her encounter with the sire. He wants to punish certain people within their kingdom, but Danielle thinks it is an unjust decision. She puts her two cents in by saying “If you suffer your people to be ill-eduated, and their manners corrupted from infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them. What else is to be concluded, sire, but that you first make thieves and then punish them?” Many women of this time would be quick to bite their tongue, especially in the presence of royalty. Danielle, however, stands firm in her beliefs to the sire, which not only shows that she is confident but also that she has strong morals. Both being attributes that are often seen more in men than in women.

She Saves Herself and Still Gets the Prince

close-up photography of gold-colored and black sword

In most fairy tales, the prince is supposed to rescue the princess. In this fairy tale, however, the princess saves herself. This prince does tag along, but she is the main one defending herself from all that is evil.

The things Danielle had to go through are crazier than what you would read in most fairy tales. For instance, in the scene where she has to save herself, her step-mother sells her to Pierre le Pieu, a horrible man who tries to force himself on her. Before he gets the chance to rape her, she takes his sword and threatens him with it until he frees her. How many princesses can you say had to threaten their potential rapist? Not a lot, which makes Danielle a whole lot more admirable than the typical princess.

Danielle then gets the prince, a handsome prince at that, after he finds her and proposes to her with her slipper. She doesn’t get the prince because she has to, but because she wants to after she defeats her evil step-mother and all is well.

How crazy is it that she had to save herself from a man who attempts to rape her just several minutes before she gets engaged? That would definitely be an unforgettable engagement for all the wrong reasons.

The Prince Says Some Pretty Romantic Stuff Too

It’s already pretty cool knowing that Danielle’s love-interest is an actual prince, but he also says some romantic things throughout the movie.

One instance of this is in the encounter where he proposes to her. He comes to her still dressed in his finest clothes as any prince would. He then says “ I kneel before you, not as a prince … but as a man in love.” How romantic! I’ve never had a prince propose to me, but if it’s anything like this, I would definitely say yes.

In another scene where both the prince and Danielle have a flirtatious encounter, you can feel the sparks between them just flying off the screen.

The prince begins by saying “Since you were so fond of reading, I thought you might join me?”

“It is not fair, Sire.”, she replies. “ You have found my weakness, but I have yet to learn yours.”

“I should think it was quite obvious” he says as they both smirk at each other because the implication is that his weakness is her.

I can’t believe people forgot this scene. If I could rewatch this moment in Ever After a hundred times, I would.  This scene gives me so many butterflies because of how cute it is. It’s like that type of teenage love that young people have when they see each other in the halls between classes and smile at each other. Don’t you love that feeling? I do. There’s nothing more heartwarming than young love and romance.

Go and Rewatch it Tonight!

We have slept on this movie for way too long and we need to fix it!

This weekend, you should grab your  significant other and sit down to watch this classic at home. This tale of romance will not only keep you both entertained, but it might also ignite some well suppressed sparks between you two.

If you don’t have a significant other, that’s fine too. The single life is so great because you can invite anyone you’d like to sit next to you and enjoy this film or watch it together over Netflix’s Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Party). 

Go on and watch Ever After as soon as possible because there’s nothing better than a rush of nostalgia in your life!

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