Is anyone else finding that they’re super bored without a bunch of stuff to do? You’re absolutely not alone. Luckily, there are actually a ton of things to do right on your phone. Whether you want to enjoy some mindless fun, learn some new skills, or improve your mental and physical wellness, here are the best smartphone apps to keep yourself busy.

So whip out your smartphone. It’s time to download some amazing apps that can help keep you stimulated, entertained, busy, and educated. Keep scrolling for the full list of these awesome apps to download on your phone right now:

For Self-Care

Want to focus on improving your mental or physical health? These apps are perfect for doing just that.

From mediation to physical workouts, there are so many apps that you can download for a fantastic self-care experience.


Headspace is one of the most popular meditation apps out there. And it’s very focused on women’s mental health. Download this app for a massive array of different guided meditations that can help you to connect with your inner Zen. Fill your essential oil diffuser with your favorite scents, make yourself a soothing cup of tea, and let this fantastic app help you feel super calm and connected.


Aaptiv is a great workout app with several audio-guided workouts so that you can have your own personal fitness coach. Get active to improve your mental and physical well-being by downloading a great workout app to keep you motivated. Don’t forget to grab a yoga mat and some sneakers.

For Education

Having tons of free time presents an excellent opportunity to learn a new skill. Never underestimate the appeal of learning a unique talent. Everyone is sure to be impressed.


We’re all probably aware of the existence of Duolingo by now. And why not? Being bilingual is a fabulous skill to have. You can impress all your friends, and travel across other countries with ease.

This is a great time to go and learn that second language that you’ve always been dreaming of.

There is such a wide array of languages to choose from. So you can pick any language that interests you. If you’re super serious about learning a language, also consider picking up some helpful books that can help assimilate you more in the language.


If you’re looking to take some online courses on a new skill, downloading Coursera can be a great option to help learn new things and refine old knowledge. The content here is very professional, and is sure to look great on a resume. It’s the next best thing from college.

They offer top-quality courses that can teach you the best methods and knowledge for mastering useful techniques. Whether you’re interested in learning things for personal reasons or want to boost yourself ahead in your job, Coursera is a great option.


And if there’s a certain dream skill you want to learn, Masterclass is a must-have. This is an app where you can learn everything you want to know, from the experts. Have you ever wanted to act? Learn here with Helen Mirren and Samuel L. Jackson. Do you want to write a novel? Judy Blume and Margaret Atwood are here to help. Do you want to love cooking? Then listen to Gordon Ramsay and Alice Waters. It goes on and on.

By paying one annual fee, you get instant access to all the pre-recorded lessons you want. These are highly interesting and enjoyable classes, that are good for easy entertainment, and for legitimate career advice.

For Fun

Of course, we can’t forget about fun. Not everyone wants to focus on education and self-improvement all day. Sometimes, it’s nice to veg out in front of some entertaining applications that fulfill our needs for excitement and relaxation.


Yes, we recommend downloading the Pinterest app if you haven’t already. This app is terrific for building your personal dream boards and finding inspiration for anything you could dream of. This app is not only fun to use but also mentally therapeutic with its beautiful photos and excellent ideas.

Pinterest is a great place to find and indulge in your aesthetic. No matter what your vibe is, you’re bound to find great tips and galleries for it.

The Sims

If you haven’t played The Sims before, now is your moment to get lost in this incredibly entertaining game. Build households, go outside and socialize with people, and even have your sims go to work. You never know what’ll happen next in this outrageous game.

There are two versions of the game on the App Store: The Sims Mobile and The Sims FreePlay. Between the two, The Sims Mobile should be the one you download, as it’s newer and has more in common with the console versions. If you’re used to The Sims 4 and want to play that on your smartphone, Mobile is the way to go.

And if you like this, you should also try SimCity BuildIt. Another classic simulator where you can build a whole city, just the way you like it.


Yes, Netflix has an application that you can download on your phone. Watch your favorite shows and movies mini-size for a fun change in scenery. It’s the easiest way to watch without ever leaving your bed.

This is probably one of the best smartphone apps considering the plethora of genres and updated content available. You can even install movies and episodes onto your phone’s hard drive, so you can watch on-the-go without internet.

And yes, similar apps are available for all other streaming services; including HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, Paramount+, Peacock, Apple TV, and many more.

As the old commercials went, “there’s an app for that.” And that’s because it’s true. With so many available programs for every interest, your household boredom has a very easy remedy. Download some apps today!

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