Response to backlash Youtuber received after giving up her adopted son

The Recap

Myka Stauffer has a popular Youtube channel that has built a following by documenting her journey to adopt her autistic son from China. Her and her husband, James, have been receiving sponsorships and revenue from videos since 2017 documenting every step of the adoption and its challenges.

Recently, their following noticed that their son wasn’t in any videos and wanted to know why, at which point they revealed that they placed their son with another family because of behavioral issues which were too much for them to handle along with their four other children.

They received enormous backlash for building their brand around a son they chose to give away.

Why Myka Stauffer Did the Right Thing

The outrage is understandable, it really upset me to at first and it does seem as if Myka Stauffer and James were using their autistic, adopted, ethnic son as an angle to make money. It’s horrible. It sucks. People do bad things all of the time but there are a lot of worse scenarios that could have happened. They could have abandoned their son or neglected him. Instead they placed him with a good family that will give him the love and care he needs and deserves.

I’d much rather this ending than a much worse one. That’s not to say what they did was right and I know this hits home to a lot of adopted kids who might feel disposable compared to their siblings who are blood-related to their parents. No kid should ever feel disposable or like they’re not as loved as other kids. I think this child, Huxley, has a better chance at growing up with a family who truly loves him now.

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