When Tessica Brown, aka “Gorilla Glue Girl”, posted a video on Tik Tok showing the world what a horrible lapse in judgement she had, she had no idea how much negativity would be headed her way.

Tessica made the mistake of spraying Gorilla Glue on her hair, thinking it could be a good substitute for another reputable hair care brand, “Got2b Glued”. After a month of not being able to remove the adhesive from her scalp, she turned to Tik Tok to video her mistake.

It didn’t take long for her video to go viral and the shock and awe began. When I first heard about this, I was pretty surprised and I did what everyone else did and assumed it was a gimmick. Finding out it was real made my empathy kick in but apparently that wasn’t the same response that most people had.

There were so many degrading comments made about this woman in a matter of days. People called her every iteration of the word stupid they could think of. People laughed and were dumbfounded by her mistake, as if we’re not all human and have each and every one of us made a stupid mistake at one point in our lives.

The backlash only worsened with the more clout Tessica gained. The more people found out about her predicament, the more famous she became. When she got the blue checkmark on Instagram and TMZ ran a story that Tessica was seeking legal representation to try and sue Gorilla Glue, that’s when things really got ugly.

Tessica never actually made a statement regarding any lawsuit. I even heard she was hiring a management team to help monetize her new clout. All of this was unfounded and she bore the brunt of the fallout.

It’s so unfortunate that we live in a culture of bandwagons. Everyone is so quick to judge and think the worst. A lot of this can be chocked up to jealousy. All Tessica did was tell the world about her predicament, which she had no way out of and people used that as a way to antagonize her.

Tessica was the real victim her and everyone made her out to be the villain. This situation reveals more about us than it does about Tessica.

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