Have you ever heard the phrase that it’s not right to wear white after labor day? And if you have, have you wondered why there would be such a ridiculous and limiting fashion rule? Yay or nay to wearing white clothes after Labor Day?

Have you been wondering where this idea came from and why past people have deemed “white after labor day” improper? If so we’re going to give you all the details of where this classist idea came from. (And we’re going to put in our two cents on the matter!)

And once and for all, we’ll tell you whether wearing white after labor day is a yay or nay…

The Practicality of White Clothes

Yay or Nay? | Wearing White Clothes After Labor Day, the practicality of white clothes

Labor Day became a national holiday back in 1894. And during this time, it came to represent the end of summer. Most old money people tend to wear white on vacations and during the warmer seasons.

On some level, it’s actually practical to wear white clothes when it’s warm out. This is because the colour absorbs less visible light. Whereas wearing black or any other dark colours can be very hot when it’s warm out.

But does that mean that it’s wrong to wear white when it’s cold out? In 2020, we certainly think you can wear any colour that you want all year round. But there’s a pretty ridiculous reason for why the rule about wearing “white after labor day” used to be considered a fashion faux pas.

Old Money Exclusivity

Yay or Nay? | Wearing White Clothes After Labor Day, old money exclusivity

The late 19th century marked an uprising of new money people. And we all know that the aristocracy didn’t like nouveau riche people coming for their lifestyle. So basically, they were super petty and wanted to make it as difficult as possible for new money to associate with them.

So they invented the new rule about it being improper to wear white after labor day to distinguish themselves from the new money. They’d stop wearing their white garments after labor day and start wearing them again around Easter time.

But now it’s literally over a century later. 

So none of us needs to follow that classist rule- unless of course, it’s something that appeals to you to follow. But it’s not as though wearing white in the winter is dysfunctional as opposed to wearing dark colours!

Why You Should Wear What You Want

Yay or Nay? | Wearing White Clothes After Labor Day, why you should wear what you want

Luckily, our world is evolving to the point where people can be whatever they set out to be in life. While in some countries, society might care about the “old money” distinction, it’s certainly not the case in the US anymore.

White is actually a pretty cute colour to wear in winter. So don’t let any supposed “fashion rules” stop you from wearing what makes you feel comfortable and confident in yourself.

This “rule” popped up in the 1890s, but it’s 2020 now. There’s still a lot of classism, sexism, racism, and more that we’re dealing with and need to heal from. But none of us needs to feed into outdated conceptions of fashion!

After all, there was a point in time where people thought that showing their ankles was scandalous! 

Wear White Regardless!

Yay or Nay? | Wearing White Clothes After Labor Day, wear white regardless

So back to our question of whether white after labor day is a yay or nay from us. We say “yay”.

You do you! Wear what makes you feel happy, comfortable, and confident. Don’t let the patriarchy, the upper class, or anyone to tell you what’s right or wrong for you to wear.

In fact, we’ve linked a ton of super fashionable white garments that you can wear in the colder seasons! 

Yay or nay to wearing white clothes after Labor Day? Where do you fall on this fashion trend? If you’re a real 21st-century fashion lover that wants to discover more unique items to wear, check out our article The Best Fashion Subscription Boxes.