Everyone spends a ton of time in their bedrooms relaxing and preparing for the day. So why not make your bedroom the most fabulous place in your house with some super awesome organization and relaxation products! These awesome products you need to upgrade your bedroom are going to be perfect for reducing stress, hassle, and distractions.

Get ready- after you shop this list of products, you’re going to have ample space to organize all of your possessions and find it so much easier to relax.

Let’s get into these excellent products for your bedroom that you need right now:

This Bedside Caddy With 7 Storage Pockets

As this one 5-star customer shares: this product is “[t]he only bedside caddy that actually stays put and can hold a lot of weight (laptop, books, Kindle, phone, some misc. items like lip chap). Plus it holds and hides your power bar.” And you’ve got a great color choice option between a classic khaki shade and a minimalist grey caddy.

With all the time that you spend in your bed, this is going to be perfect for all your needs. You won’t have to worry about plugging all of your devices throughout the room. Simply place those daily items in the caddy, and let them charge while you chill out. Plus, having a caddy such as this one means that you have more room on your nightstand for drinks and delicious snacks.

“This ultimate bedside organizer conveniently stores all of your personal items on your bedside or couch side while you are resting or relaxing. Conveniently plug in all your devices into the power strip stowed in the power strip compartment… to ensure each gadget is fully charged while you sleep.”

-Amazon description

This Quiet Tower Fan With Adjustable Wind Speeds

This is such a necessary and convenient tool to upgrade your bedroom.

Ever try to sleep in a hot room? It’s pretty hard. But it can also be super hard to rest when you turn on your fan, and it’s making all kinds of noises while you’re attempting to travel to Dreamland. That’s where this silent and space-saving tower fan becomes very appealing.

This fan has 3 different speed options that you can control from your bed with a remote (which you can totally keep in your brand new bedside caddy). And you can set a timer for 0-12 hours depending on when you want the fan to auto-shutoff. So you don’t have to worry about leaving it on and racking up that electricity bill.

One five-star review praises, “We use this fan in our bedroom – my husband wanted airflow without an “actual fan” feel. This has worked superbly well… I have difficulty falling asleep and cannot have light/noise while doing so; being able to turn off the display on this fan is wonderful, and it is really quiet, more like a nice noise machine that actually helps me fall asleep.”

This Stunning Rotating Makeup Organizer that Will Make You Feel Like a Princess

“This is a great item for the price,” one super satisfied customer shares, “The shelves are easily adjustable and come with little rubber bands to keep them in place. The organiser is true in colour and style to the picture.” Customers are loving the utility and beauty of this cosmetic carousel.

You know how we have so many beauty products, that it becomes a hassle to keep track of them all? Well good news, your bathroom can finally be picked up with this organizer. This’ll very easily hold and display everything you need, from your foundation to your nail polish.

It’s also a beautiful design, and having this will make you feel like a pampered princess. It rotates 360°, so you’ll always have easy access to any beauty products that you place on it. This organizer is available in a silvery-clear color that looks like diamonds, a pretty pink color, and an opulent purple shade.

“Is your makeup collection spinning out of control? Take a turn for the better with the Sorbus 360° Makeup Organizer. This tabletop carousel features a lazy susan swivel base with a 360 degree rotation so you can quickly access makeup, perfume, grooming tools, and more… Simply spin the organizer to stow or retrieve items from the adjustable multi-level trays.”

-Amazon description

This Chair Pillow For Your Bed that Will Support You Like No Other

Have you ever had trouble sitting up in your bed? Have you ever tried endlessly to set up the right pillow arrangement, just for it to never come out right? Well no more. This beautifully designed chair-pillow is just what you need, for every activity from reading a great book to painting your nails.

Made with shredded memory foam and a micro-plush cover, you’re in-bed relaxation time is about to become super luxurious. It has a detachable neck pillow so you can choose just how supporting you want to be and some convenient side pockets. So there’s a lot to love about this versatile pillow.

In the reviews, customers contend that they highly recommend this pillow. It’s worth every penny. One buyer adds that “The pillow is very full and perfect for relaxing, reading or movie watching”. And other’s share that they’re planning on buying more of these amazingly supportive pillows for every member of the family.

This Anti-Acne Pillow Spray That Also Helps You Relax

Wow! If you thought relaxing pillow sprays were amazing before now, you’d be astounded at this pillow spray that actually kills acne-causing bacteria. Waking up with breakouts isn’t fun. And a lot of the time, these breakouts arrive because our pillowcases have collected our facial sebum.

So instead of worrying about sleeping in your own grease, simply spray this over your pillows, and have the best sleep in years. Several happy customers share that using this spray has helped them to both reduce their acne and to fall asleep faster. What a great deal.

These items are just what you need to upgrade your bedroom.

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