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Liz Fe Art

I’m Liz Fe. I’m a Columbus, OH based acrylic paint artist. I create acrylic landscapes on stretched canvas and I am passionate about empowering young women to pursue their passion despite cultural barriers. This is the basis of Liz Fe Art.

I’ve always wanted to be an artist and I only recently had a chance to pursue that dream. I created Liz Fe Art right around the time when COVID started, at the beginning of 2020. I lost my father and wanted a creative outlet. I grew up in Florida and my father loved the beach so it was difficult to be in a state without one at that time. My first collection is filled with different renditions of beaches because I love looking at the ocean. This is my way of bringing a small part of Florida to Columbus. 

Painting is a calming experience for me and helps me through difficult times. I hope you enjoy my very first collection, Beaches.

For more art info at [email protected] or you can purchase some of my paintings here. Follow me on Instagram @lizfeart.

I am working on future collections and would love to hear your input on what you’d like to see next. I’m a local indie artist and I appreciate all of your support. Thank you.