You want to go on that vacation you’ve always dreamed of. But you also want to make sure that you’re finding the cheapest flights to be able to afford that vacation.

Flights can be one of the most expensive part of your trip. However, if you could find a way to save money on flights, then you would have more money to spend on better hotels, food, and shopping!

So where can you look for cheap deals on flights when you’re trying to save money on tickets?

This post is going to go over some methods that you can use to find the cheapest tickets out there for your flight.

And off we go:

1) Use Flight Aggregators

finding the cheapest flights
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What is a flight aggregator, you may ask?

A flight aggregator is a site or an application that searches the whole internet to show you only the cheapest flights that it can find. There are many types of flight aggregators, such as Kayak, Google Flights, and so many more.

Mike from Making it Happen Vlog claims that the best flight aggregator is the Matrix Airfare Search.

He claims that it is the best existing site for finding even cheaper flights than you would with other sites. Although, he does warn that the searches on the database often take a lot of time to load and that you cannot refresh it. Or you might lose the your search history.

Additionally, Mike also mentions that you can’t book the flights that you find from within the airfare matrix. You need to look for these deals on Kayak, Expedia, or you can use BookWithMatrix, which he particularly recommends.

After you copy everything on the Matrix Airfare Search and paste the matrix itinerary into the search bar, it will allow you to book your next adventure.

2) Be Flexible

It is better to have a travel plan long before the actual time of travel. If you’re flexible about the time or day of departure, or flexible about how many layovers you’re okay with having, you can save a lot of money.

The cheapest flights are at the times when nobody else wants to fly.

The Matrix Airfare Search is perfect for putting in your flexibility to help you find flights:

You can include a range of airports in the general area that you want to travel and pay cheaper public transport to get to the exact city that you want.

The matrix also lets you include a range of travel days as well as specific dates because giving a range opens up more possibility that you’ll find a cheap flight.

3) Use Incognito/Private Mode to Game the System

When searching for travel destinations, if you use incognito mode, your search engine won’t be able to detect that you’re searching for flights to travel.

Without incognito, the more you search for your desired destination, the more likely search engines are to rack up a bunch of cookies and then raise the flight prices because they will see that there is a demand to travel to the location that you are looking for.

With incognito mode, search engines will be unable to see where you are looking to travel, and therefore, you’ll likely get search results for lower flight prices because the demand will be lower.

4) Call a Flight Representative

People don’t really do this anymore. It’s somewhat of a lost art, but if you call a flight representative and explain to them the itinerary you’ve found or where you’re looking to go, you can get them to make the booking for you. They could help you in finding the cheapest flights compared to the ones online because they will be able to see bookings as well. It’s worth a shot.

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