Establishing yourself on any social media platform these days is more difficult than it seems. While some social media stars are becoming famous over night, there’s actually a lot that goes on behind the scenes. When I first started building my brand on Instagram, I made a lot of mistakes and there was a lot of misinformation floating around about how to be successful.

It took me a while to find what I was looking for or to even understand what I should be looking for.

There were a few Youtubers who gave great advice but actually implementing that advice and getting real results wasn’t easy. You have to be patient. But then I discovered a Youtuber and successful influencer named Biaheza.

He gives clear steps as to what would equal a direct monetary pay out and, after implementing his techniques, within a week I made a profit.

Here is a breakdown of his second most watched video on Youtube that has over 2.2 million views:

Biaheza: How to Gain 1,000 Active Followers on Instagram in 1 Week Growth Hacks

Step 1: Follow for Follow – The RIGHT Way

The best way to get active followers is to go to similar pages to yours. Find the popular pages in your “niche” and go to the likes on their individual feed posts. Follow the people who like your competitor’s photos because, more than likely, they will like your content as well. Using this method, you’re targeting the most active IG users in your niche, which means that not only would you be increasing your following but your engagement would increase as well. Good engagement leads to effective monetization. You can’t expect to make profit if you are not putting in the work consistently to earn it.

You could use this method until you reach a couple of thousand followers and, at that point, you would be getting enough engagement for your posts to hit the explore page and that will enable you to continue to grow organically.

Step 2: Repost Viral Content

Depending on if you’re running a theme page (a page dedicated to reposting others content within your niche, such as @empoweredwomenphoto) or a personal page (such as @lizfelifestyle), you want to repost the most viral content in your niche. Biaheza recommends going to successful pages like yours with a larger following and combing through their pages. Find the pictures on their feed that have an unusually high amount of engagement (likes and comments). Those are the pictures you want to repost on your account. If those photos are popular and have done well in the past, you have a better chance of people engaging with it on your page.

Disclaimer: Be sure to credit the owner of the photo!

Step 3: Post Frequently

The more you post, the more likely that your photos will go viral and hit the explore page. Biaheza recommends, for theme pages, post 10 times a day and for personal pages, at least once a day! If you post once in a while, people will forget and lose interest. When you post regularly, the algorithms work in your favor as they make it visible to a wider audience. You should try and build a schedule of when you will be posting because then your followers will look for it in the future.

Step 4: Post a Story Once A Day

This step is crucial to your growth because you want to let newcomers know that you’re active and consistently working on your page. No one wants to follow a dead page. People are much more likely to follow you if you have an active page. You can use IG Stories to promote your page and interact with your audience. Post Q&As, customer testimonials, feature your products or services, etc. Try to make your posts as unique to your page as possible. Be creative and find ways to make your stories stick out amongst the thousands out there.

Step 5: Post Good Content

This is a given but it is important. If you are not sure if your content is good or not just compare it to other accounts like yours and their most popular content. Make sure you have an inviting and concise bio as well as an attractive profile picture. For theme pages, try to find a good representation of what your pages is about. For example, if you run a fitness theme page, a simple photo of a dumbbell could be enough. Make sure that your content is actually benefiting the viewers in some way.

More Tips & Tricks

Use hashtags

The power these hashtags hold is quite astonishing. Use as many relevant hashtags as possible to make sure that your content reaches the masses. It is one of the easiest ways to increase exposure and gain followers. Try to avoid use generic hashtags as your posts can often get lost amongst the millions. Get specific and find hashtags that are trending.

Use Location Tags

Not many people use this feature for improving their account visibility, but it actually has its perks. You never know who could be searching these location tags. It is another way to increase your chances of being seen.

Establish Your Brand Identity

When people visit your page, the first thing they notice is your handle, bio, and picture. It is important to keep in mind that these areas are connected by the common theme of your page. Keep it consistent and unique to your brand. With a captivating brand identity you are bound to attract more followers.

There are many inauthentic influencers out there but Biaheza is definitely not one of them. I’m so impressed with his content and the effectiveness of his advice. Watching his videos has brought my business to the next level and it can definitely do the same for you! Check him out and share your results.

Interested in taking more steps in your influencer journey?