If you have ever wanted to have the swipe up feature, but didn’t have enough followers, it’s fine because now you can without the minimum of 10,000 followers to unlock the feature. Whether you have 200 followers, 500 followers, or 1000 Insta followers, you can get the swipe-up feature by just leveraging your IGTV account. It’s that simple!

This can be a great way to drive traffic to your external links like a website or online business without waiting forever to get enough followers for the feature specifically if you are an influencer trying to work with brands. However, this hack does take a little more effort than if you were to actually have the swipe-up feature. This extra time is just a small price you have to pay though when it comes to getting this feature without the required amount of followers.

Below, we have the several steps you have to do for this hack. We hope you enjoy!

Post A Call To Action Video To Your IGTV

The first step to getting this feature without the followers is by going to your IGTV. It is very important that if you don’t have an IGTV account you make one, so that you can participate in this hack. It is very simple to make an account especially if you already have an Instagram account. 

Once you’ve gotten into your account, you must make a 15-second call to action video for your audience. All you have to do in it is tell your followers to go check out a link to your business, website, or article and point to the top right of the screen indicating that they can find the website or page there. It is very important that you repeat to your audience that they should click on the button and title in the top corner where you are pointing (it will be on your right but on their left). You will then post this to your IGTV account. This is great for encouraging people to go to those links and promoting yourself.

Or… Use Canva!

If you want to make a static clip instead of a 15 second call to action video this can be a more fancy option.

This can also be a helpful option if you are camera shy or just don’t want to show your face at the moment.

All you have to do is go to Canva, a content design website, type in Instagram story to find a template or to custom create one. You should use a photo of your website, your brand, or personal messaging in the template, so that your audience knows the context of the external link. In the story template, it is pertinent that you add a call to action in the top left corner of the screen. This could say something like “Click here to watch” or “Go here to learn more”. An added bonus that comes with using Canva is that you are able to make things look 10 times more fancier in comparison to making a 15 second video with just you pointing. Not to mention, it is free and easy to use! Awesome, right!?

Upload To IGTV

Now that you have the post made, you should go to IGTV and go to your account. Click on the video or post you want to upload and choose the cover for it if you want. The next part might seem a little weird, but in the title section, you should put the words “CLICK HERE TO OPEN” with an arrow emoji pointing down to the video. I know it’s weird but It will all make sense, trust me! Then in the description, you should paste the external link that you are trying to drive traffic to.

Post Your Video On IGTV

Now, here is where things come full circle. You have made the post and added all you need to give the post a swipe up feature, so now you must post it on IGTV.

Before posting though, you can review the post and see how it turned out. You can even try out the feature by clicking on the top left side corner of the screen and then clicking on the link that drops down. This is how your followers will access the external link that you would like to drive traffic to.

Link IGTV With Your Insta Story

On your Insta account create a post to inform people to swipe up to see whatever your external link offers. It can be as simple as “Swipe Up”. Then you should add a link to the IGTV video or clip in the Call To Action section of the post before you post it. Once that’s linked to your Instagram story, you can then post it.

Influencer Marketing Hub refers to the Swipe Up feature as a “game-changer”. So, this is an incredible tool, to say the least.

Now you are all done! So, the next time when someone goes to your Insta story, they will see the swipe up post and swipe up. They will then see the video or clip telling them to click on the external link in the corner that you want to direct them to. This is a lot of steps, but as I said, It is a small price to pay for this feature when you don’t have enough followers.

Get Ready For All The More Traffic!!!

Now that you have mastered this swipe-up Insta feature hack, all you have to do is wait and watch the traffic come in. Sharing this post with family members and other people to share is also a great idea. This can increase your traffic to those external websites even more because you will then have your followers going to these links and other people’s followers too. If you are really brave, ask popular Insta accounts to post this in their stories for a day in return for financial compensation or for you to post something for them in return. I have heard of some people doing this and having it work out pretty well for them.

We really hope this hack was helpful for you! It might seem complicated, but I don’t doubt that you can get the hang of this in no time! We believe in you and you should too!

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