The challenge of being an influencer is you are your product. Your business is centered around you, your image, your persona, etc. When companies hire you or your followers purchase what you’re selling, they’re really buying into the public image you’ve created. When people believe enough in your influencer brand to invest money into it, they’re saying they inherently trust you and value your opinion. Your responsibility, then, is to make sure to fulfill your promises to them. Your audience is not only your support system but also like your family.

“Be original, Be bold, Push Boundaries!”

Liz Fé

Here are my 3 tips for building your influencer brand:

“Figure out what people want and give it to them”

Jade darmawangsa

This was the best advice I ever got when I first started. I began influencing as a way to flex my writing and entrepreneurial skills and I spent hours watching videos from people like Jade to figure out just how to best pursue this. But you have to be careful not to lose yourself in the process. Nothing comes before you and your self-respect. You need to have a list of qualities you will not compromise on for the sake of money.

Build an Authentic Influencer Brand

The best, most relatable brands are ones that stay true to the authenticity of your character. Great examples would be influencer coaches Jade Darmawangsa and Gary Vee. Both Gary and Jade made the risky choice to give advice and post content where they use foul language. This can be risky, because it alienates conservatives and minors who might really benefit from their content. But it’s a personal choice they made to stay true to their character. It also makes them more relatable to young adults who appreciate having someone to look up to who doesn’t filter themselves. This is one of the many ways you can establish your unique online persona that attract people you want to reach.

The lesson here is, anything you choose to do isn’t necessarily wrong just because others might not be doing it. This choice worked out well for Jade and Gary because of their target audience. Young adults want freedom and liberation and knowing there are successful people living their lives and doing what they want by going against the grain empowers them. They see you as their role models and they try to emulate your journey. And this brings me to my next point, which is, find your audience!

Find Your Audience

This part is crucial to your success as an influencer. Another way of phrasing this is, pick your niche. Don’t be intimidated by the sheer amount of influencers in the market. There are so many different niches to choose from and 1 Billion users on instagram. There is a place for you and an audience that will be interested in what you have to share.

Someone once told me something that really made this point set in, ‘Imagine if Rihanna had decided to not create Fenty Beauty because the market already had too many beauty products’

Everyone has something unique to bring to the table, even if it has been done a million times before. People are always looking for a fresh take on an ordinary item. A good example of this is the new wave of natural products and the utilization of aloe, honey, and other fruits and veggies that are great for hair growth and skin cell stimulation. The point being, there’s no one like you and there’s an audience of people who are interested in what you have to say, you just need to find it. You will never no the impact you can make unless you take the chance.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

I cannot stress this enough! Where I tend to see many new influencers falter is in the consistency of their content. Things take time and great things take time and a lot of effort. It can be difficult to remain energetic and positive if you’re not seeing immediate results. When you’re new, you may lose hope and motivation if you feel like you’re not making an impact. It’s all a part of the journey and the sooner you accept it, the better it will be for you. You must find ways to stay optimistic. Whether that be creating mood boards, gaining new skills, improving your content, finding a better audience, or what have you. A good way to do this is to connect with other influencers who understand your struggles and can encourage you to keep trying. Progress takes time and hard work.

Your following, no matter how small, needs to be able to rely on you to be present on their feed and constantly updating/posting on your social media in real time. You don’t have to share your entire life, but you do need to post substantive content on a consistent schedule. Find a plan that works best for you and stick to it no matter what. Essentially, you are in a relationship with your audience and that relationship needs to be nurtured. Posting sporadically may lead to loss of following and low engagement. When followers are used to you posting at a certain time or day they’ll get used to looking out for it and get into the habit of commenting/liking and interacting with your content. The more people engage, the more attention your page receives and the more people outside your following will get a chance to view your content.

Remember: Everyone has something unique to offer, so never think your content isn’t going to be good enough. The important thing is to get it all out there. Don’t obsess over every detail or be afraid of criticism. Make sure you have a plan and after that all you need to do is trust yourself. Share everything and see how people respond.

Check out this documentary about Fyre festival, a large scale influencer event that became a complete disaster.

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