While most people fantasize about being able to travel the world, they often feel tied to their budgets and put it off. This should not be the case. People all over the world travel all the time, regardless of income. You don’t need to spend six figures on an absurd luxury resort. If you are always admiring photographs of distant lands and the sense of adventure, then traveling the world can be easy with a limited budget. You do not need a large bank account to fulfill this dream.

The hacks below will help you travel to your dream destinations on a small budget.

Understand Travel Seasons

Tourist destinations have different seasons. Factors like weather affect traveling seasons. Thus, one destination may be offseason while the other is on peak season. Research on these differences and find the best travel packages. An advantage is that these places have fewer tourists at such times. As such, you get to enjoy the scenery and culture. You can also research on cheap countries for trips. These destinations will have affordable packages on off-peak seasons. You will need value for the money spent. Countries like Sri Lanka, India, and Vietnam are cheap to travel to. Thailand and Nicaragua also make the list of cheap destinations.

Early Bookings

Early bookings can save you a lot of money. As the trip date approaches, flights, trains, and accommodation services may cost more. Plan your way early by booking them. Also, it will reduce the last minute hassle of finding transport or accommodation.

Take Advantage of Sales

Travel agencies and accommodation services usually have discounted offers. You can make the most of these discounts by using them. You only to check your priorities. For example, you can choose not to but the smart TV on sale and invest in traveling. After all, the memories you will make on your trips are worth much more.

Find a Job

Getting a job while abroad is not easy. It is also very fulfilling working in your travel destination. You can first find a temporary job in such a country then move. The other option is becoming a digital nomad. Digital nomads can have the time of their lives while traveling. You will need a computer and an internet connection to your work station. This way, you have a day job, and you can also vacation. Digital nomads can also save as they work. You earn money, save it and move to the next location. Besides, you do not need a work permit or visa for you to work in the destination country. This is an exciting way of traveling, although it requires proper planning.

House Sitting

House sitting needs you to be a caretaker to someone’s house around the world when they are away.

House sitting also involves taking care of their pets and plants. This is a great way of traveling around the world on a budget as you get free accommodation. You will need to have an outstanding reputation before someone allows you in their home. Often you must have referrals to convince the owner to let you sit their house.


Woofing involves working for someone in exchange for food and accommodation. Woofing is a product of the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. As the name suggests, farmers partner with travelers to give them unique experiences. You first sign up on the website for $40. You will get opportunities to travel over 100 countries. This is a great way of traveling on a budget as you don’t spend on food and accommodation. Besides, you can go to expensive countries like New Zealand or Australia.


This is like woofing. Using the website couchsurfing.com, you find individuals with similar interests. You also find individuals who are willing to accommodate you. It is almost like letting someone crash on your couch. This hack allows you to interact with locals. This way, you can enjoy your stay better as you get tour guides. Since we live in a digital age, this is an excellent way to connect on social media. You can use this concept to help you create travel buddies. But you should be cautious to avoid falling into scams.

Free Activities

Save money by finding cost efficient activities that enable you to travel the world. Almost every place you visit, there are free activities to do. Join groups that go hiking, touring cities, picnic parks, or watching sunsets. These are fun activities that are less costly. This way, you cut your budget. Also, locals love to assist and interact with travelers, which is more fun for everyone.

Sharing Economy

This is one of the best ways to cut costs while you travel the world. You can choose the sharing economy activities instead of the traditional tourist activities. You can share tour guides, rides, and accommodation. The prices are usually cheaper this way. You can also have home-cooked meals by the local chefs. An example of a shared economy activity is Airbnb. Another option is partnering with locals to form small companies that will guide you. Their skills will make the trip more fun as they have a better knowledge of the place.

Hostel Accommodation

Hostel accommodation is a cheaper option than hotels and resorts. They’re budget friendly and gives you the traveler experience you need.

Some hostels even provide free food, which is a big save on your budget. There are different types of hostels, and you can always find a travel partner on some. As I said, it gives you the traveler experience you won’t get in a resort.

Being able to travel the world does not need to be expensive. It also does not need stressing over to cross the items on your bucket list. With these hacks, you can travel to countries suiting your budget. Traveling is about making timeless memories. You should always choose memories over the money you spend. Through proper research and planning, you can still get to your dream destination. 

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