Most people don’t like a 9 to 5. The hassle of waking up early, driving to work, sitting in an office, and going home to do it all over again tomorrow is not the most exciting way to make money. Instead, many people would prefer to quit their jobs and make money right away with little effort. The sad thing is though that none of them know how.

You should know by not that there are two ways to make money: by putting in your time or by putting in your money. Putting in your time is probably what you are doing now with your hourly 9 to 5 job. This means they pay you for your time. This can be great for anyone freshly out of college, but it requires a lot more effort. Putting in your money, however, requires little effort and leads to more money to potentially gain. This is what we call passive income.

This article will show you how you can quit your job and still get a paycheck by putting in your money instead of your time. This will allow you to make passive income fast. Below, we have several easy ways for you to start receiving a passive income today, which will require little to no work from you, but tons of profit.


A REIT is a Real Estate Investment Trust. They are companies that own, operate, or finance income-producing properties. Basically, when you buy a REIT, you then own a share of a company whose business is owning and selling real estate. Compared to making a downpayment and investing in a property, REITs are a much easier way to make passive income in real estate. Plus, you can invest in a range of real estate properties, not just homes. For instance, Simon Property Group is a well-known real estate group that usually invests in huge shopping malls and retail property throughout the United States. Investing in them by getting a REIT would get you some extra bucks.

REITs can generate a steady income for those who invest in them but yield little revenue, which is a disadvantage that comes with them. That should not stop you from investing in them though because there is always a potential to gain a lot more extra cash.

Municipal Bond Funds

Municipal bonds are tools issued by cities and local governments to raise money for capital investments in local projects such as schools, streets, hospitals, and other public necessities. The bonds bear interest which is paid at either a fixed or variable rate, depending on what the term of the bond is. 

How does it work? The issuer of the bond, such as the local government, receives a cash payment from you, the investor, in return for agreeing to pay the scheduled rate of interest to you according to MoneyCrashers. Interest is what you would profit off of over a period of time that varies from a few months to several years. Once the bond term ends (the period is up), the investor has reimbursed the face value of the bond plus the interest, which will be much more than you first invested.

A benefit to mutual funds that separates them from other investments such as stocks is that they are low volatility investments.

This means that they do not make large and frequent movements, but instead move steadily. This can make the investor feel more comfortable when investing in these bonds.

Mutual bonds can also be spread across several bonds, which will allow for optimal investing. Unlike investing into one share of a company or anything like that, mutual bonds come in a bundle so that the investor is getting the most bang for their buck. Think of it as spreading out your fishing net to ensure that you’ll catch more fish. You are essentially making sure that you have a bigger profit. This can get you a bigger pay off too, which is always nice.

Dividend Stocks

Another money-making resource you can invest in is dividend stocks. This can potentially yield more income than the previous two passive income methods. A stock dividend is a dividend paid to shareholders in the form of additional shares in the company, rather than as cash. For example, Macy’s is a dividend stock that has been known to pay as much as 9.9% for its stocks. This means that with a $1000 investment into Macy’s dividend stock you can get roughly $100 out of it in passive income.

However, there are risks that come with these methods. Unlike mutual funds where you are sure to make a profit in your investments, this is not the case for these stocks. The company you invest in could go under for instance. Companies, like Macy’s, like to give off the appearance that they are financially stable, but some may not be. Macy’s, for instance, may seem like a great investment for dividend stocks, but their revenue has slowly been decreasing and they are locked into pretty solid leases with real estate companies at shopping malls, which leaves them with little room to turn around and adjust. This could potentially lead to the company’s downfall. So, you should do your research when investing in companies that give out dividend stocks.

Index Funds

Index funds are another great way to invest your money. They are a portfolio of stocks or bonds that follow the composition and performance of a financial market index according to Investopedia.

Index funds seek to match the risk and return of the market, on the theory that in the long-term, the market will outperform any single investment. 

People can make a lot of money with index funds. For example, the S&P 50 Index Fund could yield 1.76% interest. So, if you chose to invest $1000 into the S&P 500 Index Fund, you could potentially receive $17.60 out of it. It wouldn’t be a life-changing amount of money, but it is still money you now have and didn’t have to work to get. You’ll also earn long-term capital appreciation, so the $17.40 is just a bonus. If you would like to know how to make more money check out this article based on the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad that can help you earn more money.

Plus, you and only you manage these funds, so you can choose which fund you would like to invest in or not, unlike mutual funds which require professionals that you pay to manage.

Airbnb Your Home

If you have an apartment, condo, townhouse, or house that you would like to temporarily open up to strangers around the year for some extra cash, Airbnb might be for you. 

You don’t even need to Airbnb your entire home. A Youtuber by the name of Investing with Rose, who has experience with Airbnb, once put up a temporary wall (costs $1000) with her roommate to make some space to Airbnb a section of their apartment. They had a great location so they got a lot of bookings. By the end of the year, they had got about $20,000 from doing this.

I must admit, however, that it is not entirely passive income because you have to offer your time once or twice a week to answer questions and check reviews on your Airbnb listing. Besides that though, you can make some great money with an Airbnb listing.

Turn That $1000 Into A Nice $5000!

Go out there and invest! These investing methods may seem complicated, but with some research, I am sure you will get the hang of it. The profits will fluctuate as well, but as long as you are not lifting a finger to earn that money, it is a pretty nice situation. Am I wrong?

Looking for other ways to make money?