Are you serious about becoming a social media influencer? Media kits give you the opportunity to show yourself off and who you are as a brand. They represent your company and should reflect your brand image. Before working with brands it’s important to create one to showcase yourself.

Brand can use your media kit to see your potential. It can also allow for yourself and the brand to see if you would be a good match doing business together.

Why You Need a Media Kit

Media kits are very important to showcase your work to brands. It can include your business card, CV, and portfolio all together in an organized space.

No matter what influencer or public figure you aim to be, this media kit can represent all of the hard work you’ve done and keep it in an organized space.

Media kits can be great for pitching your own brand and idea to a business that interests you or to have ready for when a brand reached out to you about working together.

Brands will often request a media kit to see if you’re a fit for their brand. It can also help you decide if you want to promote a certain brand.

Nowadays it isn’t important to be popular or have a ton of followers as an influencer. It is known that it’s becoming popular for brands to work with smaller influencers with an engaged audience.

How to Create a Media Kit

It’s important to be informative, while being concise, and showcase the aesthetic you portray on your social media.

Creating a media kit can be overwhelming while looking for online templates because there are many images, colors or designs you can use. If you stay in line with your brand and how you portray yourself online, it can speed up the process.

Media Kit Content

There are many things that you should know of what to include in your media kit. It will ensure your success through creating and designing.

Your Bio

A bio is important to include in your media kit. It is going to be the first thing a business or brand will see about you and your brand. You should ensure that the bio reflects a tone that is personal and how you show your personality online.

The bio can be known as your introduction of yourself to a company to be able to pitch your business. Although this isn’t a piece that is very long, it can still be time-consuming because you want to make sure it’s something that you will like.

You should also include a photo of yourself that way the brand knows who you are. Contact information would also be helpful. If a brand is interested they will need to know how to reach out to you. Contact information can also include social media handles. It allows the brand to see what you say about yourself and see if it’s how you truly portray yourself online.

Social Stats

As stated already, brands aren’t just looking for someone who has a large following. Although, it is very important that you are honest about your followers and information from your social media.

It’s easy to be honest about those details and companies appreciate it. Plus, companies can pretty easily find out if you’re telling the truth or not.

Brands will see if how you portray yourself online matches what they are looking for in an influencer to promote their business.

It’s a good idea to include your actual followers and the engagement of your social media platforms. You can also state the platforms you have the best analytics for.

Brands can be more interested in the engagement rate rather than followers. This is because a company would rather you have followers who interact and respond with their influencer than just a big number of followers. One could say this is quality over quantity.

Here is how you can calculate your engagement rate:


Including the demographics of your audience is very important. It will reflect who your audience is. Brands will then be able to tell if your audience is someone who they want reach.

What brands will look for:

  • geographic location of your followers
  • how old your audience is
  • gender
  • what language they speak
  • income
  • and others

A brand doesn’t need to completely math their audience, but it’s nice to be similar. That way a company knows they can relate to your audience in some way. It’s important to include the demographics for the various platforms you use because they aren’t always the same.

Your Own Blog or Website

It’s important to include your personal blog or website because the writing you do online typically lasts longer than simple social media posts. Also, some social media platforms only allow a certain amount of characters to be used. This shows that a blog or website can really showcase your writing and style.

Previous Partnerships

It’s important to include the previous brands or companies you have worked for because it can show a brand what you care about promoting. You can also include the results of your previous work with a brand. It can show the brand that if you did a great job getting engagement from your audience, that your audience is loyal and willing to see what you promote.

The Creation of a Media Kit

There are plenty of media kit templates online. It can help you organize your information, but you can always create your own media kit from scratch.

Here are things you should center your customizing around:

  • Branded fonts are important because it’s something that can be recognized.
  • Photos are also important because it can showoff your aesthetic and represent what you are a public figure for.
  • Content in regards to writing can be concise. All you need to write about is about you or your brand. the photos included can help represent other elements.
  • A color scheme that matched your brand on social media is nice too as it can stand out and be easily noticed.

Media Kit Conclusions

These media kits can help you begin working with a brand or company. It’s important to stay professional while speaking your own brand’s voice. Also, be sure to know information about the brand you’re interested in working with. It can help you combine your own brand image with theirs.

Media kits can help you in the long run and create your information in one organized space to hopefully book yourself a project.

For more information on how to start building your brand, check out this article on How to Build Your Influencer Brand.