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5 Tech Gifts To Treat Yourself and Friends To

Got any friends that have their birthdays coming up soon? Are you looking to give yourself some amazing tech gifts that you’re going to love? Either way, this list is going to be perfect for you. Technology always makes for a great gift. As the advancements get better and better, there’s always something to amaze …


7 Holiday Themed Ugly Sweater Ideas

When the holidays come up, you may be in the market for an ugly sweater. If you haven’t heard of the trend, many people purposefully wear outlandish sweaters to parties around the holidays to help get in the spirit. Sort of an ironic evolution of awkward childhood memories and the awful sweaters our grandparents used …


5 Tempting, Useful Christmas Gifts

Picking out Christmas gifts can be tough. Typically you want to give a present that the person will actually use, but you also want the gift to be personal. The gift can’t be too expensive (let’s face it, we all can’t be Rihanna) and it should still be catered to each specific person. All of …