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Tips and Tricks on Dealing with Acne

Many people struggle with acne. The common myth is that it’s only for those awkward teen years, but no, a lot of people are forced to deal with this into adulthood. While various methods work differently on diverse skin types, there is still some knowledge that everyone should take into account. There are lots of …


Read More with these Simple Tips

Hitting a reading slump in world consumed by social media literature is not such a strange thing. Sometimes even the biggest bookworms have trouble consistently reading and making time for books. If you are thinking about your own reading habits, there is no need to panic, here are hacks that will help you get back …


How to Maintain Optimal Healthy Nails

If you love getting your nails done, you probably also know the struggle of your nails always breaking. Or maybe they often seem dry, yellow, and brittle. Even if your nails are currently moist and flexible, you can definitely benefit from these tips on how to maintain healthy nails.  Here are some great tips and …