If you’re a student, chances are that you’re about to start your classes really soon. Schools all over the world are coming up with different systems and precautions based on what’s right for their location. We’ve put together 4 tech must haves for back to school 2020.

Some universities and schools are entirely online. But other areas are allowing students to come in physically with some precautions. Whatever way your school is deciding to implement new precautions, it’s more than likely that it’s going to be more of a “socially distanced” approach.

And if so, that could involve the need for attending lectures from home. Or maybe just more of a tech-based, hands-off approach. So this year’s going to require some more tech-based school supplies instead of the typical new backpack and pencils approach. 

Here are some tech items for back to school 2020 that keep socially distanced learning in mind:

1. A UV Sterilizer Box

UV rays are one of the few things that we know help to kill off the virus. So having this portable sanitization box to carry with you everywhere is a huge plus. Especially if you’re going to be having some face-to-face lectures when school starts up again.

You can use this little box to safely sanitize your phone, your keys, and pretty anything else that you can fit in there. You just let it know when to start sterilizing your stuff, and it’ll let you know when it’s all good.

It’s like hand sanitizer but for your inanimate objects! (Please don’t try to put your hands in there.)

2. A Webcam

Tech Must-Haves for Back to School 2020, a webcam 4 Tech Must Haves for Back to School 2020

A lot of people already have a webcam inherently in their computer. But many people don’t. If you know you’re going to have some online classes that require you to show yourself through a webcam, now is definitely the time to get one. 

Luckily, they aren’t too expensive, and you can find one suited to your needs for relatively cheap. Alternatively, you could buy a laptop that has a webcam just for school (if you don’t mind splurging a bit more on back to school this year). 

3. A Decent Microphone

Tech Must-Haves for Back to School 2020, a decent microphone 4 Tech Must Haves for Back to School 2020

In the same vein as needed a webcam for online courses, it’s more than likely that you’ll also have to contribute to your classes by speaking. If you know this is going to be the case, it’s time to get yourself a decent microphone.

We’ve all heard lousy audio one time or another. And it makes communication and understanding pretty tricky. Since your class may not have access to the clarity of the in-person speaking voice, you want to make sure that it’s as easy to understand you as possible.

Many headphones or earphones often have a microphone installed in them already. So if buying a separate microphone doesn’t appeal to you, you can get 2 in one by purchasing a great headset with a microphone. 

Just test it out with your family and friends first to get their honest feedback on whether or not they can clearly understand you! You’ll want to get all the participation credit possible with your excellent new mic.

4. An iPad

Tech Must-Haves for Back to School 2020, an ipad 4 Tech Must Haves for Back to School 2020

Psychology often says that writing notes with pen and paper is better for retaining information than typing. Are you a tech-savvy (or paper-saving) individual that wants both the study benefits and the technology? Taking notes on an iPad is pretty much the same psychologically as doing do with pen and paper.

There are so many different apps for notetaking on the iPad as well. So you’ll easily be able to find one suited to your needs.

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