Got any friends that have their birthdays coming up soon? Are you looking to give yourself some amazing tech gifts that you’re going to love? Either way, this list is going to be perfect for you.

Technology always makes for a great gift. As the advancements get better and better, there’s always something to amaze consumers. And honestly we’ve forgotten the thrill of elaborate devices that only have one purpose. Some of these go back to the As Seen on TV era, as gadgets you would’ve have expected wanting, but end up wanting anyway.

This list is based on Amazon’s recommendations for the best technology-related gifts. So you know you’re in good hands here. They’re also all relatively inexpensive, so they’re not just for the man who has everything. You can go ahead and give these to any of your friends, and/or yourself.

This Heated Neck and Shoulder Massager 

Everyone’s neck and shoulders get super sore now and then. And it’s not always easy or cheap to have a massage therapist on speed dial when your shoulders require some extra TLC. That’s why this stunning contraption is a brilliant gift and must-have item in your home.

This massager isn’t your everyday electric massager. It’s programmed to target eight specific places with deep, Shiatsu-based massage therapy. And with its heating function, it helps your blood circulate better and alleviates your soreness even more. 

It also has adjustable settings so that you can improve the massages it gives to your personal preference. And the best part? You can bring it anywhere you need. All you do is charge it at home, and then it works anywhere.

“Shiatsu massaging which is a very well-known form of Japanese therapeutic technique. Treating your mind and body to provide a sense of peace and relaxation… Mo Cuishle massager has always been at the forefront of innovation and simplicity. All products are ergonomically designed, thoroughly tested and popular amongst people of all ages.”

-Amazon description

This Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Almost everyone loves to listen to music in their shower. But sometimes, using a phone alone isn’t enough. The running shower water can often drown out the music coming from your phone, even if it’s at the highest possible volume setting! And that is precisely why having a waterproof speaker for your shower is a great idea.

You’ll be able to audibly enjoy all of your favorite tunes while getting clean. You can even fully immerse it in your bath water- if that suits your fancy. Customers especially adore the sound quality and the long battery life. You and your friends (if you do decide to buy this as a gift for them) will absolutely love using this when getting ready or winding down for the day.

This Torch-Themed Lamp That Doubles as a Speaker

If you love the look of dancing flames but aren’t into the fire hazard that real flames present, you and your friends will love this lamp.

This lamp is great for outdoor evening parties and romantic dates. It’s a fashionable piece to accessorize any table with and has excellent sound quality. So you can enjoy all of your favorite mood-setting tunes with ease and style. This speaker is extremely convenient because it automatically connects to the last Bluetooth device that you’ve connected it to. This is the perfect housewarming or birthday gift to give to friends and family of any age.

This Aluminum iPhone Stand

While it may not be self-evident at first why having a cellphone stand is terrific, it is actually a game-changer. This stand is perfect if you use your phone to read books. Or if you want to easily be able to see your notifications as you work at your desk, this is key.

It comes in silver, grey, rose gold, black, and red. So if you know your friend’s preference for colors, you can get them a phone stand catered to their interests. One extremely pleased customer shares, “I am thrilled with the stand, so much so, I purchased 3 of them to be used around our home. Highly recommended.” 

“You can place your cell phone on the phone dock, and watch Youtube, review recipes, or FaceTime – all hands-free with great comfort… Processed with the same CNC technology as the Macbook adopts, this cell phone holder features an elegant appearance… Its premium aluminum alloy body prevents your smartphone from falling or wobbling, and ensures a longer service life.”

-Amazon description

This Desktop Coffee Mug Warmer

This is one of the more useful tech gifts. Ever bring your coffee to your desk only for it to get cold after what seems like the first few sips? Many people share this struggle- which is why this will be a much-appreciated gift that the receiver doesn’t know that they need. This product is both easy to use and really fashionable. And it is sure to keep your mug at the perfect temperature.

The Amazon description explains this product:

  • “Good Thermal Conductivity, Energy Saving and Electricity Savings: use electric film type heating technology, built-in heating chip, mature technology, fever quickly is stable and reliable, continuous work stable performance is high, uniform heating area, make the drink taste more delicious, reduce loss of nutrition.
  • Super Heat Preservation Function : This coffee warmer can meet the multi-directional demands of modern home and office, it ensures the temperature of coffee, milk, water and other beverages, the product is small and fashionable, convenient and practical, which greatly meets the needs of users to heat and keep warm.
  • Suitable for All Kinds of Flat Bottom Cups : it has a Flat Bottom Cup Special Thermostatic Base, cups with diameter less than 3.54in in daily life are suitable for our thermostatic base.
  • Auto shut off Function: temperature adjustment, safe, the surface of the microcrystalline glass, energy saving and power saving, dry burning can be supported.”

Tech gifts are a fun way to liven up any holiday! No matter the occasion, let it be Christmas, birthdays or the Fourth of July, anyone’s a sucker for a great gadget.

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