Around 645,000 vehicles were in the government’s fleet, as of 2019. President Joe Biden wants to gradually replace gas-powered cars with electric ones. This could help the environment.

Electric vehicle creators, Tesla, Rivian, Lordstown, Ford and General Motors would benefit from this change. As they have high investments in the production of electric vehicles.

The government is a huge buyer of vehicles. Replacing these vehicles will not be cheap and it will definitely take some time. It may also be more difficult because Biden wants to use more American-made parts in these vehicles. The current requirements for the part to be from the U.S. is only 50%.


According to the General Services Administration, from 2019, there were around 650,00 vehicles in the government’s fleet. The breakdown includes:

  • 245,000 civilian vehicles
  • 173,000 military vehicles
  • 225,000 post office vehicles

All in which traveled around 4.5 billion miles in the same year and used 375 million gallons of gasoline.

Biden’s Promise

President Biden promised to begin this change to help the environment with less gas-powered vehicles. Biden not only promised to gradually start this change. He also wants to give consumers an incentive for using electric vehicles. The incentive includes providing consumers with rebates.

This order made by Biden can be good for various automakers that sell electric cars. There won’t be just one company that benefits.

The United States Postal Service had started the first step of planning for a “next-generation mail truck”. It got postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. USPS could use this upgrade because it was known that over the years, some mail trucks have caught fire.

Not only does Biden want to create this change to better the environment, but he wants to help people as well. In helping people, Biden wants to also create 1 million new jobs in the auto agency. He wants these electric cars to be created in an efficient amount of time to distribute them.

This switch to encourage car users to purchase electric cars has been in the works for a while now. When Obama was president, he wanted less-polluting vehicles to be on the road, but Trump rolled back those rules.

Why Electric Cars?

There are many reasons why this change is wanted by Biden. The good thing is, these cars are becoming more popular as more consumers are purchasing them. Various auto companies are wanting to make a change to convert to electric cars. Also, Tesla is beginning to create more options of electric vehicles that are more affordable.

Here are some reasons why electric cars are better:

Cost Less

Electric cars have an overall less cost than gas-powered cars. Although, the initial cost of an electric care may be more. As time goes on, electric cars use less maintenance overtime. For example, gas-powered users spend a lot of money each year on gas to run their vehicles. In 2019, there was an average of about 390.98 million gallons of gas in the United States used per day. There was about 142.71 billion gallons consumed in the United States that year. Basically, that adds up! Yes, gasoline prices can vary, but overall overtime you’d be spending more money.

Electric cars are also known to have a longer life. That causes the consumer to have to a purchase a new car not as often.

Better for the Air We Breathe

It is known that electric cars are better for the environment. Electric cars don’t have any tailpipe emissions. The cleaner air can cause less stress in the world. Less stress begins with the cleaner air causing less disease. Public health systems and hospitals would have less patients due to the environment.

Global warming may not be able to be stopped completely, but electric cars can slow the process down. Also, the ozone layer can be saved by these fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Skip the Gas Station

Skipping the gas station can save you time on your way to your destination. To refuel these electric cars, it only requires to be plugged in at a charging station. This can happen when your car is off and parked like at home or various areas that have them. It could even be while you are shopping in a mall, your car could be charging in the parking garage. That’s so efficient!

Low Maintenance

These electric cars contain less moving parts causing them to not be fixed as often. Again, money will be saved throughout the years. This savings include; not having to rent a car when yours is in the shop, no oil changes, and no more failed transmissions. This doesn’t completely diminish the cost of maintenance though. It’s important to keep up with the breaks and battery to maintain the cars lifetime.

Quiet Vehicles

When driving an electric car, you will notice how smooth and quiet they are. Not every car users are a fan of quiet cars, as some people get work done on their cars to make them louder. The quiet vehicles can cause a peaceful setting for the users and the people around them.

Get Money in Return

For purchasing and driving an electric car, you could receive a rebate or tax credit, depending on the state you live in. A $7,500 federal tax credit is received by electric car users when purchased. You can also receive a 30% tax credit when purchasing an installing a charging station at your home. Businesses can also benefit off of this.

Biden’s Decision

Overall, this decision for President Biden to change the government fleet to electric powered vehicles can be good for various elements. This isn’t just something the government can benefit from. You can also benefit from an electric car with the pros listed above.

There a lot of perks for this change and hopefully this can better the future of our world!

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