While everyone probably already owns a keyboard, it may not be the keyboard of your dreams. You may be wondering- how amazing can keyboards possibly be? 

And we’ve got several answers to that question down below. Amazon is home to many chic quality keyboards that you’re bound to love. What better way to upgrade your home office than to add one of these absolutely stylish keyboards into the mix?

Get excited! Because we’re about to get into some of the most beautiful keyboards on Amazon that will help add to the stylishness of your home office! Let’s get into these keyboards:

This Silent and Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse Duo

Rose gold is such an elegant colour. But if rose gold doesn’t float your boat, this keyboard is also available in silver. One customer adds that “for the cost, this works well.  And [it] is very similar to a mac keyboard but works on my PC and has the proper PC keys”. So if you have a PC, this is definitely a great option.

If you’re someone that doesn’t enjoy the constant clicking noise that arises from typing, this duo is a great way to enjoy working on your computer without much noise. And your wrists will certainly thank you for its ergonomic qualities.

This Wireless Round Keyed Keyboard and Mouse Duo

With this stylish new take on keyboard keys, what’s not to love? Currently, this set is only available in black and this mint shade. But they also have an adorable salmon pink set that they’ll hopefully restock on soon. So certainly stay tuned if you love the way this keyboard looks.

This wireless duo uses batteries to work rather than the hassle of a cord. And, luckily, it has a very long battery life with its power-saving design. The shape of its keys allows for quiet, comfortable, and smooth typing. And the mouse is very quiet when you click it and has a great ergonomic shape. 

This Super Stylish Lipstick Pallet-Themed Keyboard

Desperate to take your love of makeup into your home office? If so, this keyboard is perfect for you! What makes this keyboard even more exciting is the retro style of the keys that makes it feel like a typewriter. So if you love the crisp feedback of pressing on keys, you’re in luck!

And while the keycaps are exposed, the seller states that the keys are actually waterproof. So that is certainly one less thing to stress about if you love having your coffee beside your computer. While the seller also shares that this keyboard is great for playing online games, it’s also very nice to type on while you’re working. Show off your love for lipstick shades by sporting these stunning keys in your home office.

This Swivel Keyboard Case for Your iPad Pro

If you use an iPad instead of a computer in your home office, we’ve still got your back! This amazing product is both a keyboard and a case for your iPad. And it is super versatile because you can rotate it behind the iPad for easier access to the screen. Or you can rotate it towards the front of your iPad to make it more like a laptop. 

One excited customer claims that “[t]he actual keyboard is working better than I have ever thought possible! The battery lasts so long that I have regularly forgotten to charge the thing (and I use it quite a lot), yet I have never – NEVER – had it die on me”! You will certainly not be disappointed with this sleek iPad 2 in 1 case and keyboard- which is available in rose gold, black, and silver. 

Any of these keyboards would be an elegant, functional addition to your home office. More into laptops than keyboards? Check out the highest-reviewed laptop on Amazon.