There are so many things to consider when purchasing cute suitcases! One of the most essential things about luggage is, of course, quality. So that you can make sure that it’ll protect your belongings.

But also, it’s important to make sure that your luggage looks unique. This can be both a fashion choice and a practical choice- especially if you check your bags at the airport. If you’ve ever been to a baggage claim, you know this all too well. There are so many similar bags. And you don’t want people to accidentally grab yours (or vice versa)!

Let’s get into some adorable suitcases that are practical, stylish, and quality so that you can embark on your next trip with confidence!

Rockland Fashion Softside Luggage

This chic two-piece luggage set is perfect if you need a lightweight and durable option for your trip. You can choose a 2-piece or 4-piece set depending on how much you need to pack. And customer’s absolutely love the quality of these pieces and the fact that both the under-seat carry-on and the carry-on suitcase match!

While normally around $80, these stunning suitcases are actually on sale right now for $34! “Okay, I do have to admit, for $32.00 it’s a HIT”, one happy traveller shares. This luggage is absolutely perfect if you want easily identifiable luggage that you won’t have to check if you don’t want to! Rockland offers many different unique patterns for the suitcase fabric. So you can easily choose one that suits your style needs!

American Tourister Hardside Luggage

Perfect for checking, this hard-cased luggage is ideal for protecting your belongings. With 8 uniquely different colours and 3 size offerings, you can grab a carry-on, medium-size baggage, and a large. So that you can have a set that is all the same style! Usually priced at around $110, the carry-on size of this suitcase is currently on sale for $63! Both the medium and large sizes are also on sale! So you can save a lot of money on a super cute luggage set if you shop now!

“You can tell this is a high-quality product just by looking at it,” one product reviewer gushes, “the wheels roll effortlessly on the wooden floor”! The only thing with checking hard-case luggage is that you do need to be aware that it can get scruff marks on it with repeated checking. But regardless, it will keep your things super safe!

Betsey Johnson Designer Suitcase

These super stunning cute suitcases come in 13 different elegant patterns that you’ll love! Extra durable, this suitcase is a serious bargain at $99! “This suitcase is so cute!!!” an excited traveller exclaims, “It’s even cuter in person than in photos. I love Betsey Johnson’s designs, and this did not disappoint. It’s made of hard plastic and is very sturdy. It has a luggage tag that is super cute as well.” This luggage is both pretty and fantastically functional.

Travelpro Lightweight Expandable Luggage

“I like it! Nice colour, good space,” shares a 5-star review. This stylish piece of luggage is made with stain-resistant polyester fabric. So you don’t have to worry about this beautiful pink colour getting too dirty from all of your travelling adventures!

Additionally, there’s an H20 guard inside that prevents any moisture from split toiletries from getting absorbed into the lining! This means that this suitcase will last for years to come and is pretty hard to ruin by accident.

We hope you enjoyed these 4 fashionable cute suitcases! Ready to go on a trip with your new suitcase? Check out The Best Methods for Packing.