During winter, it’s nice to get away from the cold and enjoy a warm vacation. Planning a vacation can be overwhelming and may even seem impossible when you are on a budget. Many people desire to leave the chill behind but think vacationing is too expensive. Actually, there are several excellent destinations that won’t break the bank and can give you a break from daily life. Here are our editorial picks for affordable winter vacation destinations:

The Florida Keys

tropical affordable island vacation florida keys
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A great alternative to pricey resorts is booking a hotel in one of the northern keys. One such destination is Key West. This area is much more affordable and has less tourist traffic, like Lime Tree Bay Resort.

Another option to take into consideration is beachside camping.

John Pennecamp State Park offers beachside camping on the coast of the Keys at a reasonable price. If you have an RV, there is always Bluewater Key RV Resort

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a unique blend of Spanish and African culture.

If you’re coming in from the US, there is no need for a passport!

Puerto Rico is a great place to visit to experience the tropical island feel on a budget.

While some of the big-name hotels in the area can be a bit pricey, the independently owned local hotels are very affordable. These include Villa Montana Beach Resort and Copamarina Beach Resort.

Local campsites are also available for a reasonable price. You can skip the rainy season by visiting this winter.

Christmas is celebrated from Thanksgiving through January, so there will be plenty of events to attend during this time.

If you are planning on travelling in late January, you can go to the Puerto Rican Mardi Gras where the streets are filled with music and celebration.

Las Vegas

las vegas affordable winter vacation
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With all the tourist attractions, Las Vegas is a popular vacation destination year-round.

Costs drop during the winter months. If you are willing to go just outside the strip, prices can be less than a quarter of the average hotel prices!

The best time for these rates is in late winter because it is the least busy time of year.

This means there will be fewer tourists and less congestion when it comes to sightseeing. There is always something to do in Las Vegas and some even say it is the best wintertime bargain in the US!

San Diego

With reasonable year-round weather and a vast list of attractions, San Diego is a great place to travel.

There are several beaches and family-friendly activities such as parks, museums, and zoos.

Winter is whale migration season, and Mission Beach is an excellent destination for whale watchers.

San Diego was ranked second in America’s best cities for winter family vacations by Travel + Leisure Magazine!


bahamas affordable winter vacation destinations
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Not too far off the coast of Florida, the Bahamas makes a great getaway destination.

Because of the location, booking a flight isn’t outlandishly expensive.

Once you arrive, there are tons of water activities that you can do on a budget:

Places like Chez Pierre offer access to water bikes and kayaks free of charge, along with a screened-in bungalow to relax!

If you take your trip between Christmas and New Years, you will be there in time for the Junkanoo Parade. This parade features multiple nights of brightly colored costumes and music.


visit spain
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Spain makes a one of the best affordable winter vacation destinations. The weather there is a lot warmer than the rest of Europe.

Additionally, both flights and car rentals during this time of year are more affordable!

Once you get there, the exchange rates make the visit a low-cost experience.

You can spend the morning skiing in the mountains, and enjoy a warm evening down at the beach.

Certain places, like the Canary Islands, will stay warm all winter long.

During winter, southern Spain’s nature really comes to life with sunny skies and blooming flowers.

If you visit the Eastern Islands, it gets even hotter, and you will even get to see some pyramids!

Moreover, Spain offers a plethora of free hot springs to visit for relaxation and rejuvenation. So you can save on going to the spa!


Italy is not exactly warm in the winter, but not everyone is up for a tropical getaway.

For those of you who are looking not to sweat when sightseeing, Venice is a great choice.

The city is full of culture, and the crowds usually flock in around the summertime, so prices are lower in winter! In the winter, airfares and hotel rates are the lowest they are all year long.

If you take your trip in late January or early February you will get to attend Carneval de Venezia festival. This is one of the most famous carnivals in Europe. Though it may be a bit chilly, you can also enjoy a ride in a gondola because they run year-round. Almost all of the stores in town run winter sales. So you can get your souvenirs heavily discounted.

Research shows that sunlight can improve your mood and boost your immunity.

This means that winter is the best time to take a vacation, especially if you live somewhere in a colder climate. With all these affordable winter vacation destinations, nothing can stop you from enjoying an amazing vacation this winter!

Are you planning a winter vacation? If so, any of these destinations can be viable options for you. Interested in more packing tips?