Want to see the world from a whole new perspective? Or take some time from your everyday life to go and see the world? It’s a brand new decade. So it’s time to start getting serious about setting some travel goals that will take you to unforgettable places! Check out these destinations that you should plan your next vacation to this year.


Take a plane down to the South American continent and experience this lush country filled with unique wildlife and natural wonders. Visit during the winter and take a boat to Isla Magdalena to see some penguins! If you’re interested in seeing even more fantastic biodiversity, Torres del Paine National Park is filled to the prim with beautiful wildlife.

Moreover, if you’re feeling risky, you can visit an active volcano that has not erupted since 2008- Llaima. Volcano Llaima resides in Conguillío National Park. And seeing it is sure to be a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If you’re more of an architecture lover, you can go and visit their unique colourful wooden churches, which would make a stunning photo op.

Sri Lanka

At the bottom of the Indian Sub-Continent, this gorgeous gem remains a fantastic vacation destination. Sri Lanka continues to home historical wonders such as ancient ruins, palaces, and brilliant temples. Immerse yourself in the history of complex ancient civilizations by exploring the beautiful statuesque architecture that still remains today.

Additionally, Sri Lanka is a beautiful spot for any nature lover to visit. Ella is a scenic area with unique hiking opportunities accompanied by the most gorgeous views that you have ever seen. If you’re a wildlife lover, Kadulla National Park is a must-go. Sri Lanka is home to a majestic diversity of wildlife. And in Kadulla, you can get up close and personal with beautiful animals for an unforgettable experience.


In Northern Europe, Estonia has a mystical Nordic air that feels like entering a fairy tale. It is beautiful and full of old forests and awe-inspiring natural wonders. Explore the ancient forests and experience their majesty! Visit unique meteorite craters that once led to mystical rumours about the site and were held sacred because they came from the sky.

The one-of-a-kind experiences of nature aren’t the only reasons why Estonia is the perfect place to vacation to. Estonia also has a dedication to fresh and delicious food and drink like no other. Experience tasty cuisine that you can, frankly, only get in Estonia. Moreover, there are several spas and castles to visit, which are always high points of vacations.


Galway, Ireland is always a fantastic vacation spot.

Across Galway is a beautiful rocky landscape by the sea, supplemented with beautiful green plant-life. There is beautiful architecture to explore, such as the Gothic-style Galway Cathedral. There is always a celebration going on around Galway. So you can look up any festivities you’d be interested in participating in and plan your trip there during that time of year. If you’re interested in traveling in the summertime, the Galway International Arts Festival is going to take place in July. Additionally, there are excellent shopping places filled with restaurants such as the Latin Quarter, where you can get some beautiful souvenirs.


Plan your vacation to Japan! Japan, as a whole, is a stunning place- a perfect blend of nature and new technology. And you can pretty much see it all! Just plan out some trips on Japan’s extremely convenient bullet train that can bring you basically anywhere on the continent. Japan is home to brilliant innovative technology that you won’t see anywhere else and some of the best food you’ll ever taste!


The heel of Italy’s boot, Puglia is one of the most distinct and picturesque places. Its landscapes carry Norman, Greek, Byzantine, and Spanish influences. The region is known for its bountiful coastline and whitewashed hill towns. Olive groves and vineyards litter every corner. In fact, Puglia manufactures some of Italy’s best wines and olive oils. If you enjoy nature and food, then Puglia is definitely the place for you. Especially if you enjoy authentic style Italian cooking with fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, make sure to look into Puglia’s famed cucina povera.

If you are planning a trip here, check out some of their luxurious lodgings such as the Borgo Egnazia and the Masseria Torre Maizza.

“Here, the cream-hued estate features romantic suites and villas that are decked out in calming tones and elegantly equipped to meet every creature comfort.”

Tom Marchant, Harper’s Bazaar


If you are looking for a vacation spot that is secluded and a bit more slow paced, then Ladakh is the destination for you. Not many people outside of Southeast Asia are aware of the Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh as it is mostly unexplored. It is composed of four mountain ranges, The Great Himalaya, The Ladakh, The Zanskar, and The Karakoram. It is considers by many as India’s secret haven. Mesmerizing and breathtaking views welcome you at every corner. The fresh mountain air and picturesque scenes are sure to lift your spirits. And who doesn’t love a little Mother Nature. One of the key tractions of Ladakh other than its scenery would be the rich Buddhist culture and heritage. If you prefer, you can lodge in some of their beautiful homesteads such as the Shakti Village Houses. It is hard to capture the magic of Ladakh in just a few words, so you must visit it to truly experience an escapists’s dream come true.

Faroe Islands, Denmark

“Located in the chilly waters between Scotland and Iceland, the Faroe Islands are a real retreat,” says Marchant.

The journey through the Faroe Islands opens travelers to the wild side of the Danish Kingdom. The dramatic landscapes and rugged coastlines host natural wonders. Since it was once considered t be Viking territory, it is best to explore the islands in a finishing boat to truly experience the mystical effect. If you are a sea lover, then these islands will have your heart skipping beats. You can stay at the Havgrim Seaside Hotel which is a restored historic home on water. The architecture and designs are influenced bu the calming seas. Large glass windows and private balconies serve as portals to a whole new world. because of the peaceful and restorative quality of the islands, tourism is limited to preserve the nature and the culture. It is best to book in advance if you are planning a trip here.

Hopefully you have a few ideas of where you would like to travel to next for a relaxing vacation.

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