We’re always telling ourselves to lose weight, regardless on whether we actually achieve it. There’s a reason why it’s the New Years’ Resolution most made, and by consequence most broken. But we’re here to help. A healthier body and soul is always a wonderful goal to strive for. If you’re ready to commit to that promise, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

But one thing to keep in mind is that the loss of body mass, or a lower number on the scale, does not necessarily equal a healthier you. When going on a weight loss journey it is important to make sure that you’re not only losing fat, but that you are also gaining muscle. We are here to help you with five great recommendations on how to burn body fat.

Take 20 Every Day

When prioritizing your day, you may find it difficult to find time to work out. We get it, life is busy. But if you are serious about wanting to burn body fat, you need to be sure to set aside time. When you start to pay attention to how you spend your day, you’ll see that there’s more hours we spend recreationally than we’d expect. How many times have you spent a whole night on Netflix? Even looking at Instagram or Snapchat stories, something we take for granted, can take 30 minutes or even hours out of our day.

Once we see that, we see there’s no real reason we can’t work out. So start small. Find 20 minutes to spare. That is really all it takes to set up a daily routine. Achieve whatever you wish in those minutes: walking, yoga, swimming, pushups, whatever. That time frame is long enough to increase your heart rate and your metabolism. This allows you to keep burning fat through the rest of the day.

“While it’s important to get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, you don’t want to overtrain and push yourself too hard. Sometimes when you overtrain, your body can produce too much cortisol… a stress hormone that is associated with belly fat.”

-Web MD

Strength Training

Yes, part of this is some mild strength and conditioning. But don’t worry ladies, nobody’s saying we have to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s only a part of building a better you. Strength training is where the muscles contract against resistance. The most common type of strength training is lifting weights. When lifting, high weights and low reps builds more muscle, and low weights with high reps helps tone and sculpt. This process, over time, will not only help you gain muscle, but also lose body fat. Body weight exercises are also another type of strength training. This type of exercise uses your own body weight as resistance. These exercises include squats, lunges, or planks. These types of exercises can be done without equipment, and practiced anywhere, including in the comfort of your own home.

Plan Ahead

Any form of commitment requires planning. After the goal is set, now you need to strategize the ways you will accomplish it. This may involve changing your entire daily routine, and while it’s tough to get started, you’ll be thankful you made these adjustments. For example, if you plan on working out regularly, you need to be sure to set aside time in your schedule. If you want to lose weight but cutting back on premade meals, you may need to get up early to prepare your food. And that’s fine. This is a lifestyle change, and a super beneficial one at that. You should be proud that you’ve taken the initiative towards a healthier life, but you also need to consider how these changes will affect your regular activities. Planning ahead, and setting time aside, will help you create a routine that will allow you to be successful.

Increase Cardio

Aerobic exercise, or cardio, is specifically designed to work your heart and lungs. These types of exercises are some of the most effective in helping your body burn fat. Running, walking, swimming, and biking are some great examples of cardio activities. These kinds of activities work because they quickly raise your heart rate, which in turn burns calories. Most cardio exercises are a low impact, full body workout, that burns fat and helps keep you in shape.

“Your first step in burning off visceral fat is including at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise or cardio into your daily routine. Studies show that aerobic exercises for belly fat help to reduce belly fat and liver fat.”

-Web MD

Pack Healthy Snacks

Snacking throughout the day can actually help you lose weight. Since you will be working out, you’ll need to be replenishing calories. People forget, a calorie is a unit of energy. The more you’re burning off, the more you’ll need just to keep going. As consequence, regular snacking can help burn calories by keeping your metabolism working.

But you shouldn’t be putting just any calories back into your body. In fact, most of what we overeat comes in between meals. When we’re in the mood for a snack, we usually rush towards the Cokes and Doritos. That’s a strong no-no, as even if they’re somewhat low in calories, they give much more fats and carbs than you need. Likewise you should always put a strong limit on alcohol consumption while dieting, as consistent drinking is a shocking factor towards belly fat.

Instead, you should choose healthy options like fruits, nuts, or vegetables. Not only does this help keep your energy up in between meals, but it also utilizes calories more efficiently throughout your day-to-day activities, and without the excess carbs that leave you exhausted. And as for liquids, you should always depend on water. We all underestimate how much plain water we need, leading to constant dehydration. Do yourself a favor and invest in a refillable water bottle, you won’t regret it.

Remember, trust the process. Be kind to your body, and it will be kind to you. Patience and love will get you through this. The work you put in now will lead to a better life later.

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