When we scroll through social media, it is not hard to find at-home workout routines or videos. At-home workouts are a great way to up your exercise routine really quickly, especially if you are not one who is ready to start at the gym. However, the large majority of these social media workouts do not really inspire us to move.

Anyone with a large social media following–especially if it is for fitness or nutrition advice–tends to give us workout advice, but it is rather intimidating. It is even less efficient if you are just starting to work out. Thus, we found an Instagram influencer who is both inspiring and realistic in her workout videos–Chanel Coco Brown.

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Chanel Coco Brown

Chanel Coco Brown has a large following on Instagram, and she provides incredible workout routines both in and out of the gym. Her body speaks for itself, and is a testament to how well her workouts will work for you.

Even if you do not usually put time aside for an exercise routine, it is important to make sure that we are getting in all the movement that we can. If you get enough at-home workouts in, we know your mental and physical health will improve.

With the inspiration from Chanel Coco Brown’s Instagram posts, here are some great at-home workouts that you can do pretty much anywhere in your home:

At-Home Workout: Arms, Shoulders, Legs & Glutes

Thankfully, all of Chanel Coco Brown’s workouts are on her page. Thus, if you want to see any of these at-home workouts in action, you can always look further into her platform. But, we are here to cover what you need to know and more.

Arm and Shoulder Circuit

Most of us want toned arms and shoulders, and Chanel has the perfect workout to achieve them. It is time to up your arm game with this fantastic circuit. Once you have the appropriate gear, get started with these easy arm movements:

  • Plate front raise: Raise your dumbbells in front of you and lower them for each repetition
  • Car drivers: Move your dumbbells side to side as if you were driving a steering wheel
  • Side lateral raise: Raise the weights from your hips and bring both arms up to shoulder length and then bring them back down
  • Single arm shoulder press (right and left side): For each side, raise the weight from your shoulder to a vertical position; lower your arm and repeat

This at-home workout is perfect for those just getting started. You can also repeat it as many times as you need to get the desired amount of exercise you want and figure out where you are comfortable. If you have a backyard, you might also consider going out and doing this workout (and other at-home workouts) while getting some fresh air and sunshine. Before you know it, you will have healthy looking, toned arms.

Effective Leg and Glute Routine

Chanel Coco Brown states that this routine is great for starting or finishing your workout. But, you can use it for a whole leg day; you are definitely going to feel the burn after this short routine:

  • Single leg glute bridge (left and right side): Make sure to focus on your glutes rather than your back
  • Narrow to wide squat: Shift from a narrow squat to a wider squat
  • Alternating side lunges: Go from a standing position to a lunge and then return to the original position and repeat
  • Lunge knee up (left and right side): Thrust each leg forward and backward for a great cardio, glute and leg burn

You can repeat these workouts as many times as you want to. However, do not push yourself too hard–especially if you are trying these for the first time. It is important to figure out how many repetitions you want to do, as walking becomes very difficult with the resulting soreness from these lower body workouts.

Chanel Coco Brown recommends taking quick breaks in between each workout, as you want to ensure you are doing them correctly; but also not pushing yourself too hard and too quick. However, if you are looking for inspiration to challenge yourself further, Chanel Coco Brown has an alternative to offer.

Upping Your At-Home Workouts: Challenge Yourself

For those of us who are already in the workout game, you may want to take Brown’s workouts to the next level. Alternatively, you may be short on time, and therefore seek workouts you can fit into your day quickly. Chanel Coco Brown has it all for you:

Five Minute Abdominal And Core Routine

Yoga mats are essential for any floor-based workout. If you have ever tried doing sit-ups on a hardwood floor, you know why you need a yoga mat. This five minute routine will make you feel the burn in your abs, and also burn off a bunch of calories at the same time. To complete this workout routine, complete the follow:

  • Banded dead bug (40 seconds)
  • Banded flutter kicks (40 seconds)
  • Banded flutter oblique lift (30 seconds on right and left side)
  • Banded scissor kicks (40 seconds)
  • Banded side oblique crunch (30 seconds each side)

Adding a mini band will really turn up the heat and increase the intensity of this at-home workout.

Chanel Coco Brown, Instagram.

As must of these exercises rely on resistance bands, it is important to have a set when looking to get the most out of your workout. Resistance bands are a great way to get the most out of your at-home workout. You can even use resistance bands with the other workouts listed above; specifically the at-home workouts involving legs and glutes.

Using these bands will help improve your form and enhance your overall results. Luckily, resistance bands come in all different intensities. So, you can start out with a lighter one and gradually move up to something heavier. This five minute workout is super easy to do in any open space around the house.

Abdominal Repetition Challenge

You are going to have some super-defined abs in no time after following this workout routine. If you thought no-equipment ab workouts were challenging at first, Brown’s ‘100 Rep Ab Challenge’ is undoubtedly going to be even more difficult. However, the repetition challenge is a great way to build on your ab workouts and see phenomenal results.

Brown recommends completing all of these exercises one after another with no rest.

Chanel Coco Brown, Instagram.

To complete this challenge, perform the following five exercises with no breaks:

  • 20 side oblique crunches: Complete ten crunches on each side
  • 20 scissors: Once both legs have alternated, you have completed one full repetition
  • 20 diamond sit-ups: Diamond sit-ups rely on sit-ups through a butterfly position
  • 20 reverse crunches: To do reverse crunches, lift your glutes off the floor and repeat 20 times
  • 20 of the hundreds: In a crunched position, pulsate your arms to feel the burn all over your body

Do Not Push Yourself Too Hard

Of course, this is an intense at-home workout. You can explore other at-home workouts and alter the weight, intensity, and repetitions that you want as you perform the workouts themselves. There are also plenty of other fitness experts that can help you on your fitness journey–wherever that may be.

While we know working out is far easier said than done, sometimes having workouts made in advance really makes the difference. Brown’s Instagram page is especially relevant for young women, as we often struggle with body image. Social media often makes our self-perceptions worse, but in Chanel Coco Brown’s case, it is clear she is dedicated to helping everyone succeed in their workouts in a realistic manner. Brown is a rare find; she shows you exactly how she achieves her realistic figure. If you give some of these exercises a try, we know you will want to do more. Your body will thank you from the inside, and you will be glowing even more on the outside.

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