Some people may see jumping on a trampoline as an activity just for kids, but that isn’t the case here! Jumping on a trampoline results in many health benefits for people of all ages.

Trampolines are pretty accessible, so it makes it easy to be able to get jumping and take advantage of these health benefits. According to Vuly, a trampoline company, “trampolining is 68% more effective than your half hour jog.”

These health benefits include:

Weight Loss

Not only does the Vuly trampoline company provide trampolines for their customers to purchase. They also name why jumping on a trampoline is so good for your health. For example, they mention weight loss.

They state how jumping on a trampoline for about 30 minutes a day is a great way to start weight loss. It’s known that the higher your heart rate, the more prone you are to losing weight. Getting your heart rate up takes jumping on the trampoline enough to cause you to sweat.

Losing weight can be known as one of biggest pros about jumping on a trampoline. It’s easy to do and can even be done by jumping in place on a trampoline.

Vuly enforces to begin jumping around 10 minutes a day to start off. Then you can increase your jumping time. It’s important to get your body slowly used to it rather than jumping right into it, literally and figuratively.

Bone Strength and Creates Great Joints

Jumping on a trampoline can give off the same effect, if not better, as running or jogging, but it’s better for your joints. Often running on on a sidewalk, road, etc. can be very hard and somewhat harmful as it creates a hard impact each time you step. Trampolining creates more of a cushion and the trampoline absorbs the pressure itself!

An activity like jumping on a trampoline can be beneficial for yourself later in life, in relation to joints. As you get older, it can become more difficult for your joints to move as easily, but this keeps them in good shape.

Improves Balance

While jumping on a trampoline, during each jump your direction it is pretty unexpected. Once you take off from the trampoline your body has to adjust to the direction its going to be able to “re-balance” and land again.

This improves one’s balance because your body has to make a quick adjustment to the unexpected direction of your takeoff. Also, with the more practice and trampolining you do, this outcome can show outside of jumping on a trampoline as well. Your body can become more familiar to were and how you are going to land allowing your body to predict it better.

Improves Flexibility

Trampolining can also improve one’s flexibility. While jumping on a trampoline, various muscles are used like your legs, thighs, arms hips, and stomach.

Depending on how much you work your muscles can depend on the outcome of flexibility. As you get older, this can also be helpful, similarly to improving joints.

Trampolining loosens up your muscles allowing you to move more freely. As you keep working at the variety of motions in jumping it will improve more each time. It leads to various activities done throughout the day to be completed more easily.

More About Trampolines and How to Access Them

The health benefits listed above isn’t the extent to how trampolines improve one’s health.

Today, trampolines are pretty accessible. You can purchase your own trampoline. Whether it’s an outdoor, bigger trampoline or an indoor miniature trampoline, they both can have the same effect. The trampolines you can access form home are a great way to stay safe during the pandemic and still be able to exercise efficiently.

While taking precautions, there are also centers for trampoline parks to be able to access a trampoline. This can prevent you from having to make a possible large purchase to own one at home. There are a variety of places like Sky Zone, Get Air, Urban Air, Big Bounce, and plenty of others that can give you the same workout effect.

Here are some trampoline exercises:

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