It’s always easier said than done to simply just work out when you want to or feel like you need to. It can be tough to make healthy changes in your life. But exercising has several great mental and physical benefits that will significantly improve your life. The following tips will help you start achieving your exercise goal.

It can be challenging to start exercising. And while everybody knows that exercise is important, not everyone can motivate themselves to stick to new routines. 

Everybody deserves to feel their best. And if you feel like starting to exercise more is part of what will help you be your best self, read on to learn some methods to make yourself stick to some personal exercise goals. 

Everyone is already perfect and beautiful. So don’t feel like you have to do this for any other reason than to feel your best.

That said: if you feel that it’s crucial to implement exercise into your routine but aren’t sure where to start, read on!

Here are some methods that will help you to exercise more regularly:

Set a Calendar Reminder or Alarm

The biggest obstacle to actually working out is deciding when to do it. Without a solid plan for when you want to exercise, there is not much motivation to actually carry out your ambition. 

Start out small and only remind yourself once a week at a time when you know you’re free to exercise. Once you start sticking to a weekly goal, you can gradually increase and incorporate more days into your schedule.

Make an Exercise Video Playlist on YouTube

A big part of why many people don’t want to work out is this:

They think that they have to go to the gym. This is not true at all. Especially if you’re just starting. 

YouTube has so many different types of exercise videos, so you can easily find one that targets what you want. 

Another awesome thing is that many of these videos do not require equipment! You can literally just start playing a short no-equipment exercise video and follow it to completion. 

Then you will have done broken your sweat for the day! 

You really don’t need equipment to get a good work-out. You don’t need a gym. And you don’t need to do anything to get in daily exercise besides following a brief 5-13 minute video!

Here are some excellent videos to add to your YouTube playlist:

5-Minute Standing Ab Work-out

5 minutes is absolutely enough time to break a sweat. And even though this one uses a weight, you can easily pick up something heavy around the house like a thick book to use as a weight. And using heavy things as weights is just as effective for any of the following exercises that include weights.

6-Minute Arm Work-out

Add some tone to your arms with this really quick workout.

9 Exercises for a Flat Stomach

This is very effective and requires no equipment.

10-Minute Standing Abs Work-out

This just requires a weight or something else heavy. Standing ab work-outs are great for getting your abs in tip-top shape.

7 of the Best Ab Exercises

This is a quick rotation of ab exercises that will leave you feeling super accomplished after completion.

Victoria’s Secret Booty Work-out

No weights are required and this is definitely going to lift your booty. This exercise will help you in achieving your exercise goal in no time.

Ab Ripper Work-out

You could use weights or books for this one.

Definitely try out this technique and playlist these videos. It is a great way to get started with exercising. You can incorporate more days or videos as you increase the amount of time you spend exercising.

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