Most of us dream about living a happy, fulfilled life. It is a life long dream worth working towards. Unfortunately along the way, there are some obstacles we all need to deal with. Some of them are obvious and easy to push through but on another hand, there are some that can bring discomfort and mess in our lives. Those kinds of things are holding you back and now it is time to let go of them.

Being in a relationship, whether it be romantic, friend, platonic or family, they are not always smooth sailing. It takes a lot of patience, communication, commitment, and open-mindedness to make a relationship work.

Comparison and Jealousy 

Nowadays, it is incredibly easy to look at the cover of the magazine or just scroll through Instagram and see the “perfect” life of those who we look up to. These framed lives of celebrities we only see through social media and publicity, creates a false reality for us. Whether we desire it or not, the feeling of jealousy creeps inside of us. With jealousy comes comparison, it builds and builds until we see ourselves as frugal compared to these celebrities. We see this “perfect” life of celebrities and different influencers and looking back at our life they make it seem like there is something wrong with it. It makes us ask the question: Why not me?

We start to compare the qualities about our own lives that make us unique: our body, career, love life, home, and end up in an overwhelming internal battle. This cycle begins because we forget to recognize that these big celebrity moments they share are only the highlights of their day or life. They have bad days and tough decisions to make just like we do, their lives are framed by their choice of whether to speak out or not.

Just because you see this beautiful model in a magazine, a celebrity on a TV or influencer on this amazing trip does not mean their life is perfect. They wake up and get through everyday, just like you and I. So there is absolutely no reason for you to compare yourself to them. If nothing you should feel inspired to work harder and accomplish all the things you want in life. This jealousy will consumes all of your energy and shift your goals towards something you do not even remotely want. If you do not let go of that jealousy, it will continue to keep pushing you down and away from the life you want and deserve to live. 

Toxic Relationship 

Human beings create many different relationships throughout their lives. Being in a relationship, whether it be romantic, friend, platonic or family, they are not always smooth sailing. It takes a lot of patience, communication, commitment, and open-mindedness to make a relationship work. Getting caught up in a relationship full of negativity is more common than you think, which ends up draining all of your energy without even realizing it. Surrounding yourself with people that bring you only bad energy is detrimental to your overall health. We tend to overlook the obvious red flags of a toxic relationship, causing ourselves to dig ourselves in a deeper hold leaving us with serious scars. 

Identifying these toxic relationships is the first step, and then you must learn to let them go. Detaching yourself from these people is very important. It may be difficult, but if they only bring you negativity there is no point in keeping them around. If these people do not support you and your goals, or genuinely feel happy for you in your life, you need to remove yourself from them. Growth and change is normal in relationship, you may be involved with someone for a long time, and they may not change with you. Some people may remain immature and cannot handle a healthy, mature relationship. Holding onto toxic people just because you are afraid of living without them is not doing you any good. Once you let go, you will open your eyes to how much happier and positive your life will be. 

We tend to only focus on bad things about our appearance and totally overlook all our own unique beautiful features. There is nobody like you in this whole world, body, and mind wise.

The Fear of Failure 

How many times have you sabotaged yourself? We create so many amazing and innovative ideas that could be put into action, but the little voice in our head is sabotages us to bail before we even try. That voice creates fear and self-doubt, our brain is programmed to keep us safe from anything that looks hard or unusual. Whenever you have an out-of-the-box idea, the alarm in your brain immediately manipulates you with almost a thousand reasons why it wouldn’t work out. Just ask yourself how many times those moments have happened in your life, you’ll see this has been holding you back. 

Our brain is incredibly powerful, but you must learn how to control that power for our own physical being. The first step is to let go of those negative thoughts in your mind or the fear of failure. These fears may be unnoticeable if you do not look hard enough, but start replacing them with positive outlooks. There is no harm in trying, things may not play out as you planned them to. Keep your brain on its toes, constantly ask yourself: What if? What if I started that project, book, hobby? What if I just booked that plane ticket and went on a journey? What if I started a new class? If you let your life be consumed by what-ifs and never take action, your life will not be lived up to its potential.

Negative Body Image 

Body confidence and self-love is probably the most common struggle you have dealt with or have struggled with in the past. We tend to only focus on bad things about our appearance and totally overlook all our own unique beautiful features. There is nobody like you in this whole world, body, and mind wise. Focusing on the size, body shape, and weight is so unhealthy. You have your body type for a reason, and you must cherish and take care of it. We all know how hard it is to shift your mindset and realize that you are gorgeous just the way you are. This is a mindset you should definitely strive for.

Holding yourself to a negative body image is keeping you from completely unleashing your beauty and confidence that you have deep down inside. We all want to be loved and appreciated by others so we forget that the most important person whose love we need to survive is our own. Only when you learn how to truly love yourself you’ll see that the opinion of others, bad or good, won’t be something you’ll rely on because what you think about yourself is what’s the most important. So let go of body shaming and make the first step toward self-love. 

The most important thing to remember is that when you are long gone, people are not going to talk how you looked, but all the memories you made with them.

The Past 

Reflecting and learning from your past is important as it keeps us from making the same mistakes all over again. You cannot harp on things you cannot change. Similar to jealousy, you have to let things go from the past, if you continue to dwell on it you will never move forward. Different situations and experiences from the past can make us prisoners. The present and the future are suffering when you hold onto the past. You are missing out on all the beautiful and amazing memories that life presents to you in this very moment. Letting go of the past is by no means easy, but it is necessary for self-growth and development. Until you reach a point to realize how much harm living in the past is doing, you will never be completely free. Life is too short and precious to waste time on moments that have already happened.

Holding onto the past is not only bad for your mental health, but it also affects the people around you who care about you. If you have unresolved issues from the past talk to someone about it. Another key tip is to have a journal and let yourself go on paper. Pouring your heart into something physical that does not talk back is a great way to meditate. Talking to someone you love or cares about you is great, but sometimes we have secrets we do not wish to share with anyone. This might help you track where the problem is and eventually overcome it. Letting go of the past is completely up to you and you must hold yourself accountable. If you keep looking back, you will never look forward to see amazing opportunities. You’ll be able to realize how blessed you are that you still have a chance to live your life in the fullest without looking back.

Don’t waste another minute, start living your best life now!

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