The morning is one of the most challenging times to put oneself in a good mood. And especially during times like these, it’s not always easy to force ourselves to get out of bed. It’s easy to start the day off, filling our heads with negative thoughts. We’ve put together morning mental wellness rituals to start the day off right.

While it’s not easy to have happy mornings all the time, it’s certainly something to aspire to. We have some suggestions for morning mental wellness rituals that you can start implementing to improve your overall mood throughout the day.

Keep reading for some inspiration on what you can start doing each morning to boost your mood:

Start the Day With Affirmations

If you’ve never listened to affirmations before, doing so is a great idea. There are so many videos with affirmations on YouTube to choose from. If you’re having trouble getting out of bed, you can just grab your phone and put one of those videos on.

Alternatively, you could play affirmations while you’re cooking or getting ready for the day. They’re great to play in the background because they tend to tunnel down into your subconscious over time. It’s essentially reprogramming your thought patterns for the better!

Try The Wim Hof Method

Many people know the Wim Hof method as a way to warm up your body in cold climates. But it actually does a lot more than that for both your physical and mental health. 

If you’re not feeling up to committing to the full lifestyle of exercise and cold showers, you can still relax with the breathing method.

It really helps you to clear your mind and calm your body.

While not for everyone, it’s certainly worth a try if you have any anxiety or desperately need to relax and improve your mood for the day.

Workout in The Morning

A lot of people exercise in the afternoon or evening, but doing it in the morning actually helps set the tone for the day a lot better.

It releases several feel-good endorphins. So you can go through the rest of the day feeling accomplished and amazing.

If you’re looking for some workout inspiration to do in the morning, definitely check out these Home Fitness Circuits from Jeanette Jenkins Instagram.

Have Tea First

You don’t have to completely opt for coffee instead of tea, but tea is definitely better for you.

Having a cup of green tea in the morning, for example, has incredible antioxidant and detoxifying properties. With all the different types of teas out there, it’s fantastic to find one based on your health intentions and have it first thing.

Another popular option for the morning is hot honey lemon water. And of course, you can have your coffee right after! The caffeine in coffee can cause anxiety if you drink too much, so it’s definitely worth it to ease off of it a bit if you can.

Shower in the Morning

You can absolutely still shower at night. In fact, taking 2 showers a day is pretty nice (if the utility bill isn’t a problem)! But taking a shower in the morning after your workout feels super refreshing. 

It really changes the vibe of the whole day and makes you feel amazing and clean. Especially if you take a cold shower, you can feel super stimulated and alert as you start your day.

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