Having a morning routine often feels like a chore, but, it doesn’t have to be! There are so many ways to start your day; and maybe, you already have a morning routine. Chances are, you probably do most of the things on our list. But, creating a morning routine that considers your overall well-being is a great way to kick start your day.

As we all know, time can be limited in the morning. If you have some extra free time in the morning and are looking to treat yourself right, we guarantee this article will help you. Even if you don’t have much time in the morning, it is still beneficial to read these tips. Whether you decide to opt out of a specific part, or, condense all steps to fit your time frame; it is still valuable to know how to get a good start to the day.

After all, every day is your day, and you deserve to enjoy each and every one of them. That is why this week, we are offering a great morning routine specifically geared toward relaxation. Of course, this is just for inspirational purposes. So take what you want, modify what you need to, and ignore as you please.

Regardless, if you’re ready for some fabulous relaxed morning routine inspiration, keep reading:

A Morning Routine Must: Drink Water

Relaxed Morning Routine Inspiration You'll Love, drink water first thing

It is no secret that way too many of us skimp on much-needed hydration, and even struggle to stay hydrated throughout the day.

So, if you make it a habit to treat yourself to some water first thing in the morning, you are already going to be better off. Beyond this, though, your body has gone through a full night without water; so, it is even more important to drink water first thing in the morning.

But, suppose you are not a huge fan of regular water. This alone can contribute to daily dehydration. If you are someone who does not really like water, you can try out other alternatives. A top water replacement is sparkling water, as it gives it a little more zest. Additionally, you can infuse still water with lemon, other fruits, and even herbs to create a delicious flavor.

Water with grapefruit slices and thyme is pretty tasty. With fruits inside, you get bonus vitamins that pure water alone does not have! A great way to stay hydrated (and even help the environment) is drinking from a reusable water bottle. The Vmini Water Bottle is an excellent choice. Not only does it come in a variety of colors, but, it also comes with a reusable straw!

Do Some Morning Stretches

Now, there are a ton of type A personalities that like to go out for a jog first thing in the morning or immediately hit the gym. But, that is certainly not for all of us. Sometimes, doing stretches or a yoga session is just what is needed. And, you don’t even need to leave the house for it.

If you have a yoga mat, it will make the whole process so much more enjoyable. But, if you don’t, you can still do your morning stretches. Try and find a carpet and avoid wearing socks to get the most out of the experience. Stretching through yoga is a great way to get your body moving in the morning without straining yourself.

But, morning yoga can help you beyond the physical body. Doing yoga in the morning gives you a chance to clear your thoughts, set intentions for the day, and ultimately improve your mental health. If you are interested in incorporating yoga into your morning routine, check out the Toplus Yoga Mat. It is specifically created to help align your body and prevent your map from slipping. Thus, this mat is a great choice for beginners and any individual looking for a quality, affordable workout mat.

Make A Delicious Breakfast

Relaxed Morning Routine Inspiration You'll Love, make a delicious breakfast

Obviously, preference is key when it comes to your palate. If you are a fruit and yogurt type of person, go for that. Or, maybe you love a country-style breakfast with all the fixings. Whatever ingredients you choose, eating in the morning helps to wake you up and keep you energized throughout the day.

We often see social media gurus having oatmeal or fruit platters for breakfast, and then feel like we have to replicate that for a good morning routine.

But, it is as simple as this–eat whatever makes you happy. Remember, these ‘influencers’ likely have their meals prepared for them with personal trainers on deck. But, beyond this, their appearance is often a result of cosmetic surgery–not because of their morning routine.

It’s supposed to be a relaxing morning, right? What’s relaxing about comparing yourself to unrealistic beauty standards, and, moreover, eating things that you don’t enjoy. Each body is different, and the most important thing to remember is that food does not have to be categorized as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Food is fuel for your body, and that is all that you need to consider when preparing breakfast!

With all this considered, we suggest the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. Not only is suited towards a more realistic breakfast, but it can make two sandwiches at once! The product also includes a timer, so you can make sure your food is perfectly cooked.

Take A Long Shower To Finish Your Morning Routine

Relaxed Morning Routine Inspiration You'll Love, take a long shower

Well, you’ve worked out, you’ve had a delicious breakfast, and now it’s time for the final stage in your morning routine. A comforting and relaxing shower washes away your stress, and simultaneously prepares you for the day. You can even go all in and have a bubble bath with Epsom salts because you know what? You deserve good things.

Get all your favorite cleansers, body brushes, and skincare essentials. Then, spend some serious me-time in the bathroom doing all the things that make you feel groomed and happy. When you are done with that, go crazy with your preferred moisturizers to give yourself some baby-smooth skin. 

If you have the luxury, just spend the rest of the day reading, watching your favorite TV shows, or doing anything else that you want to. If not, hopefully you can fit some of these tips in before your busy day. The most important aspect to consider in creating your morning routine is simply choosing the things that help you feel your very best.

One of our favorite self care products is the Sheamoisture Daily Hydration Face Lotion. This lotion is not only marketed as climate friendly, but additionally, caters to all skin types.

Liz Fe Lifestyle is constantly searching for the best products and lifestyle tips so we can change a woman’s life. Often, as busy women, we forget to make time for ourselves. While this is a morning routine, it is also a form of self care–a chance for some you time. While many of us eat, sleep, move around and shower in the morning–we either do it thoughtlessly or inconsistently. In providing this relaxing morning routine, we hope you will use it as an opportunity to focus on what you need for the day.

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