Being busy can often make it hard to put a lot of time into groceries and cooking. You may find yourself eating out all the time without really accounting for how much money you spend. Or maybe you haven’t been eating full-on meals because you haven’t had the time to do that for yourself. It’s important to stick to busy woman food habits to maintain your health and stay on track.

Whatever your schedule for eating is, if you’re here, you definitely have better things to do than cook elaborate meals for yourself every day. And we’re here to make eating every week so much more straightforward.

Read on to learn the best food habits for the busy woman:

Eating shouldn’t be something we force into our schedules last-minute. It should be savored as a fulfilling moment of the day.

Set Designated Eating Times

If you’re doing a lot in the day, picking times to eat is probably the last thing on your mind. Chances are, you’re grabbing a granola bar on the way to work. Or maybe you’re going through a drive-thru to grab something quickly.

However, if you can find a time in the day to really sit down and have a meal to yourself, you’ll feel so much more taken care of. You’re really busy, so it may seem like eating is a chore. And, therefore, you’re always doing it on the go. Which only leads to more expenses and unhealthy choices.

However, taking the time to sit down to a meal can help to give yourself a break. This is especially relevant and important to do if you have a partner or live with a family. With such busy-ness going on, it can be hard to take a second and check in with the ones you love. This includes yourself and others that are important to you. We encourage you to fill your heart with some meaningful conversation or introspection during this time. The television can wait.

So take some time and make sure everyone important knows you’re going to eat one meal together, no distractions. Eating shouldn’t be something we force into our schedules last-minute. It should be savored as a fulfilling moment of the day.

Only Grocery Shop Once a Week

Only needing to grocery shop once a week requires you to have a solid meal plan. Ask yourself what foods you want to make, and if there are some meals you can use the same essential ingredients to make.

Head to the store on a designated day each week and pick up everything on your list that you’ll need. This way, you won’t have to run back for emergency purchases later on. And you’ll have more time to do what you need to get done.

It’s also far more cost-efficient to only go to the store once a week. Even if you end up buying a lot of stuff in that one time. Because if you head out there every day, you’re going to end up with a lot of impulse-buys. When was the last time you went to the store, and only got the few items planned? That’s right, you can’t remember.

Meal Prep

If you have your meals all planned out for the week, and you stick to your shopping list, this means that you can meal prep to save time. Designate a couple hours a week, we recommend during weekends, to prepare all your meals for the week. Once you have all of your food ready for the week, you can heat it up as desired. No talent? No problem. There’s plenty of delicious meals that any beginner can make in large quantities. Honestly, it’s hard to mess up spaghetti.

This saves you money in that you don’t need to go out and buy meals on short notice. You’ve already done your shopping, so it only makes sense to use all of your products. Don’t cave into an impulse meal until your batch is finished. Your wallet and your belly will thank you later.

There’s always time to get in a good, soul nourishing meal.

Cook Big Batches and Eat ‘Till it’s Gone

While this method sort of ties into meal prepping, it is a bit different:

A lot of meal prep sources push that you should make a variety of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But this is not necessary. Instead you should cook out of convenience, both in time and your personal tastes. It would be exhausting to have to make pancakes for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, pot roast for dinner, and so on. Instead, the busy-woman can easily grow a habit for a few meals. Once you have a kick for something, why not have it all week? As long as it’s healthy and makes you happy, who cares?

If you don’t personally feel like you absolutely need breakfast foods for breakfast and so on, it’s entirely feasible to make a big batch of something, and then eat it until it’s gone. Who says you can’t have pasta first thing in the morning? There’s absolutely no shame in doing this. And it’s an even more significant time-saver than if you were to meal prep for each meal individually.

Additionally, if you make a huge batch and you don’t think that you can finish it on time, stick it in the deep freezer. That’s just another meal you can have next time. Please don’t forget about your leftovers, as often they’re even better than the initial meal. And it’s always easy to modify them into something else. Made ham for dinner? How about a ham sandwich for lunch? There’s always room to think outside the box.

These busy woman food habits will streamline your cooking process and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. There’s always time to get in a good, soul nourishing meal.

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