Every woman dreads that time of the month. It brings cramps, bloating, and cravings that you have no choice but to satisfy. Some things just don’t feel or fit right during that time of the month. There’s also the annoyance of having to pack tampons, pads, or cups wherever you go, which can be such an inconvenience. Thankfully, Thinx period panties put an end to disposable hygiene products.

A company called Thinx has come to the rescue of women all over the world. This organization sells underwear specifically designed for your period. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to handle your period with a garment you already wear every day? Thinx has come up with a product that allows you to use underwear instead of your traditional sanitary options.

How Thinx Period Panties Work

Here’s how Thinx underwear products work. These washable, reusable, and sustainable undergarments absorb your period, in products ranging in equivalence from one to five normal tampons. Aren’t sure which to buy? That’s ok, take the online quiz to find out. And since this product is reusable, you can wear this underwear with anything, and go without worrying whether a tampon string may slip or a pad making you uncomfortable. Amazing, right? The prices are all very affordable, starting at about $30 per pantie, with plenty of bundles that include more for less.

From the start, Thinx creates its product with good intentions. Their award-winning factory located in Sri Lanka practices ethical working conditions “under three pillars: female leadership, employee well-being, and environmental sustainability.” Employee development is also important, and Thinx period panties are supporting women’s rights in the workplace. The uplifting and empowerment of women is the driving force of what this organization does. They’re partners with a program called Women Go Beyond, which gives employees the tools they need to be leaders in the workplace. Women have an opportunity to take entrepreneurship classes as well as training for long-term growth and leadership opportunities.

“We’re pushing back against discriminatory policies, promoting inclusivity, and moving the needle on menstrual equity so that every person has access to the products they need to reach their full potential.”

-the Thinx team

All Sizes Available

There are several options for shoppers to choose from online. They come in a number of sizes ranging from XXS – 3XL. Thinx had every woman in mind when designing these masterpieces. And that’s not all, as they also offer training shorts, leotards, leggings, and pajama shorts. Similarly, they sell Thinx (BTWN) sizes for teens and tweens, and Speex products specializing in leaky bladders. This company has all the best interests at heart.

As far as the makeup of this product goes, the breathable fabric draws away moisture and allows for it to dry fast. The Thinx team described their design as “moisture-wicking, odor-controlling, super-absorbent, and leak-resistant.” The products are also easy to clean. Just simply rinse, wash and repeat. Either by hand or with a washing machine in the Cold setting. Make sure to avoid using bleach and/or fabric softener, in order to avoid fabric damage and get ample usage out of your purchase. And once you’re done, hang dry your products in a non-humid environment, and they’ll be good to go.

Give Rinse

With Thinx, we are able to change the way we deal with our periods. The giveback program Give Rinse seeks to fight for better access to puberty education, advocate for equity and educate the generations to come. Access to menstrual hygiene and these products is a basic human right, and a stronger system allowing it will allow for a better life, and for every girl and woman to fully participate in social moments, work, and school.

Thinx works with a wide variety of organizations that also support their cause. Alliance of Border Collaboratives, PERIOD, and Safe Horizon are just a few of the organization’s current partners. Companies donating to charities is nothing new, but how they’ve chosen to work with such non-profit and legitimate organizations speaks miles for how devoted Thinx is to their mission. They also partnered with PERIOD and the Harris Poll to release a report called State of the Period, which gave statistics about period poverty, the inability to buy menstrual products, and its impact on US students. The results are eye-opening, as they’ve found one in five students have struggled to afford these necessary products. Thinx knows that appalling widespread struggle, and they formed specifically to work against it.

“Giving back to people with periods has been at the core of our mission since day 1… when you purchase from Thinx, you’re helping to support our programs and initiatives at GiveRise — where with our partners we’re fighting for better access to puberty education, amplifying grassroots activism, and donating our undies and time.”

-the Thinx team

Thinx also publishes a Periodical (pun likely intended). This is “a platform for and by people with periods. Find answers to Qs you’re too intimidated to Google about vaginas, feminism, & more.” With the subcategories Thinx Piece, Women’s Health, This Week in Feminism, Undie the Surface, Pop Culture, and a spotlight docuseries called One Woman, the content is varied. This is an engaging publication filled with information about women’s healthcare and overall wellness, that surely all Liz Fe readers will love. All of this proves how devoted Thinx is to serving the community. This is not just another brand. It’s an outright force for good.

So, ladies if you’re looking to support a great cause and purchase with a purpose Thinx is the store for you. Who wouldn’t love an alternative option to traditional sanitary products? This product is definitely worth a try! Each purchase made helps to fund education, advocacy, and action for women around the world. It’s time for us to make a difference and make that time of the month a little easier to deal with.